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25 01, 2011

News 1993

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Owner Suspended For Use of Confederate Silks By Jack Shinar Posted: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 A California horse owner who improperly substituted jockey silks in the image of the Confederate "Southern Cross" for his regular colors last summer has accepted a $1,500 fine and the suspension of his license for the current term. In a stipulated agreement with the California Horse Racing Board, longtime owner Bill Wilbur of Sacramento, Calif., further agreed [...]

17 01, 2011

News 1990

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Challenging The Accepted View Of The Civil War The sesquicentennial of the American Civil War is upon us, and we can expect a lot more conversation in the coming months regarding the causes and effects of that catastrophic war. Several editorials have recently been published in major newspapers making sure we all know what the real cause of the War was: Slavery. Locally, Gary Dickson reaffirmed this point of view in [...]

17 01, 2011

News 1989

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The cause of the Civil War: With Mr. Lincoln, the spin stops here January 14th, 2011 For a century and a half, Americans have argued over the causes and purposes of the American Civil War. Even now, we scrap over what to call it. In three recent Examiner posts on this topic though, we’ve seen that the simple answers don’t fit, that it really wasn’t all good versus all bad, and that [...]

17 01, 2011

News 1988

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Press Alert The International Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans will hold a joint press conference on Tuesday, January 18, 2011, beginning at 3pm in the Zenger Room of The National Press Club (529 14th Street N.W., Washington DC). The purpose of the press conference will be to discuss the continuing failures of Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell to respectfully and adequately deal with a [...]

17 01, 2011

News 1987

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Confederate flags flying over Lexington streets By Lindsey Ward January 10, 2011 On a breezy day newly displayed flags blow above the streets in Lexington. Monday morning two versions of the confederate flag and a version of Virginia’s flag were put up all over the city. Brandon Dorsey is the leader of the local Sons of Confederate Veterans chapter. His group asked for the flags to be flown Monday through Saturday, but [...]

17 01, 2011

News 1986

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BIGOTED ACADEMICS and DEMOGOGUES FAIL TO HIGHJACK THE SESQUICENTENNIAL By J.A. Davis, Chairman SCV Public-Media Relations Committee, Gainesville, GA Media Release - January 11th, 2011 - For Immediate Release For more information contact: J. A. Davis Public-Media Relations Committee Sons of Confederate Veterans 770 297-4788 Gainesville, Georgia Fifty years ago under the leadership of President Eisenhower, I joined all of America in commemorating the 100th anniversary of a war that deeply divided [...]

9 01, 2011

News 1984

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Fort Damnation And The "History" Channel Thursday, December 30, 2010 History Channel Update Gentlemen, As expected, the History Channel has expressed no interest in changing their decision to pull our history segments from the Atlanta market, in spite of the fact that their vice-president who made the decision did so without having even seen the segments first. We have, however, managed to interrupt their office efficiency on several specific days recently at [...]

9 01, 2011

News 1983

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League of the South Statement to members 27 December 2010 Compatriots: The League of the South has uncovered within our ranks a member with disturbing ties to The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). His name is Willis Cox, otherwise known as Bill "Deacon" Cox, of Pike Road, Alabama (near Montgomery). Doubtless, many of you know Bill; some know him quite well. Or at least we thought we knew Bill. Here is what [...]

9 01, 2011

News 1982

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Slavery paintings coming down from Atlanta office By RAY HENRY Associated Press Wed Dec 29 ATLANTA – Murals of slaves harvesting sugar cane on a Georgia plantation and picking and ginning cotton are coming off the walls of a state building on the order of a new agriculture commissioner. The murals are part of a collection of eight works painted by George Beattie in 1956 depicting an idealized version of Georgia farming, [...]

9 01, 2011

News 1981

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The Slavery Blitzkrieg Is About To Commence By Al Benson Jr. Well, folks, 2011 is here--the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the War of Northern Aggression. This tragic event will be commemorated in many ways over the next four years and you can bet that the paragons of political correctness will view this time as a major asset in their war to destroy Southern culture and its Christian base. That’s what [...]