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24 02, 2011

Facebook 391

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Scott McCall - 2/20/2011 Message Subject: A little wisdom and advice is needed Hey HK, This is fellow son of the South Scott McCall from South Carolina. Recently i've been looking on facebook and have been noticing one individual named John Tucker who has been posting on anything SCV related or the Confederate News facebook site. He has been antagonizing and attacking with reckless abandoned anything and everything Confederate. It appears to [...]

24 02, 2011

Facebook 390

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Michaela Wilson - 2/22/2011 Message Thank you soooooo much for coming out to the school today. you dont know how much it means to me to see you standing out there. everyone knew automaticly who had contacted you. thank you for the shirts also, love them very much! it was brought to my attention by a few teachers and a good bit of them told me thank you and to tell you [...]

24 02, 2011

Hkedgerton 406

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Back to the main articles page      HELP! School Report From: HK Edgerton [] Date: Thu, Feb 24, 2011 Subject: Fwd: HELP! school report To: Dear Mr. McCredie, I am truly disturbed that a supposed teacher would tell one of her students who wanted to do a report on me for Black History Month that I had not done anything for the Black community. And while I have always believed it fatuous [...]

23 02, 2011

News 2037

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States Rights and 10th Amendment before the Supreme Court by Mike Crane Morganton, Georgia While it is receiving very little attention the 10th Amendment is being tested in a case currently before the Supreme Court (See Bond v. United States, 131 S. Ct. 455 (2010)). Not only will this case in some way, “redefine” the current day meaning of the 10th Amendment - it is also an excellent example of the “warnings” [...]

23 02, 2011

News 2036

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Abraham Lincoln 'tried to deport slaves' to British colonies By Tom Leonard 11th February 2011 Abraham Lincoln’s reputation as the great champion of America’s slaves has taken a battering amid new evidence that the revered president wanted to send many of them to toil in British colonies in the Caribbean. Academics Phillip Magness and Sebastian Page claim that documents uncovered in British archives show that Lincoln was rather less enamoured by the [...]

23 02, 2011

News 2035

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Sons of Confederate Veterans commemorate Jefferson Davis inauguration in Montgomery Saturday, February 19, 2011 MONTGOMERY, Alabama — Hundreds of men in Civil War uniforms marched past the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s church Saturday to commemorate the inauguration of the Confederate president 150 years ago in a city that no longer rolls out the red carpet for them. The Sons of Confederate Veterans turned back time to recreate the festivities surrounding Jefferson [...]

23 02, 2011

News 2034

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Southern Music break Friday, February 18, 2011 Wooo-hooo! What a week! Riots in Bahrain, Libya, and Wisconsin! DC can't give up its spending addiction! And the big news in Charlotte is the attempted shooting of a rapper named Waka Flocka Flame. After a mile-high pile of crazy like that, we need some Southern music! Here's Jake Owen with You Can Thank Dixie! And if you ever held One of them pretty [...]

23 02, 2011

News 2033

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That Alabama inaugural: A lesson from Jefferson Davis February 18th, 2011 Since several of our recent Examiner articles focused on President Lincoln, we now spend a bit of time with President Davis. February 18, 2011, is the 150th anniversary of his inauguration as the first and only president of the Confederate States of America. Unlike Lincoln who had four months to prepare his inaugural address, Davis had but four days. There was [...]

23 02, 2011

News 2032

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Protestors want Confederate flag back on top of State House by Fraendy Clervaud 02.17.2011 COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Protestors gathered at the South Carolina State House over the Confederate flag Thursday. The SC Conservative Action Council is calling for the flag to be put back on top of the State House dome. Organizers say on this day in 1865, South Carolina was the victim of a war crime when General Sherman burned the [...]

23 02, 2011

News 2031

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SCHOLAR WARRIORS Friday, February 18, 2011 By Bob Hurst It has been an irritation to me for many years that a segment of the population of this country delights in denigrating and disparaging those individuals who fought for four long years for the Cause of Southern independence and self-determination. Often these attacks are meant to portray those Southerners (and their progeny) as nothing more than bumpkins or gap-toothed, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals. Because of [...]