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19 02, 2011

News 2019

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Ron Paul Holds First Hearing On Federal Reserve Wednesday, February 9, 2011 Ron Paul pulled together an impressive roster of economic experts to testify about the harmful effects the Federal Reserve has had on employment. Chief among the experts was Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo, who needs no introduction to readers of this blog. But check out the reaction of Rep. Lacy Clay, a typical liberal loon: At one point, when Paul opened up [...]

18 02, 2011

Facebook 388

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Jud Potter - 2/4/2011 Message Subject: hello Dear Hk, Did the links work that I sent you from Tarpon Springs, FL? I was saddened to see the comments that some wrote here yesterday. How sad that they do not respect you or the others. I always have wondered why there are some people that have it in their minds that if one doesn't believe the same way that they do then one [...]

18 02, 2011

Facebook 387

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Zacharias Tims - 2/17/2011 Message Subject: Help! Dear Mr. Edgerton, Firstly I want to say that you mean so much to the movement for the truthful remembrance of our mutual heritage of honor. Your noble cause and selfless efforts are patriotic. I need your help, brother! Last weekend I attended the 150th Anniv. celebration and reenactment of the surrender of the US regular army in Texas to secessionist militia in 1861. There [...]

16 02, 2011

Facebook 386

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Kenny Kitchens - Wall Posting I remember the first time i met you, i was at the Sam Davis Youth camp and i was 14 years old, that is one of the best memories i shall keep with me for the rest of my life.

16 02, 2011

Facebook 385

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Jack Taylor - 2/13/2011 Message Subject: Something intereting you may want to learn... Hi Mr. Edgerton, Hope all is well your way. I'm trying to get folks alerted about something happening and you might find this interesting. I'm sorry to intrude and I hope this message is not an inconvenience. I am an avid collector of coins both new and old but mostly old silver... I have done so since I was [...]

16 02, 2011

Facebook 384

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Charles Kelly Towler - 2/12/2011 Photo Comment Yes he does, Ron. Being the son of a Baptist minister, you can see his gift of homiletics easily. Both HK and his brother Terry Lee are two of the finest men that I have ever met. I love both of them like a brother.

16 02, 2011

Facebook 383

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John Gangemi Wasserman - 2/11/2011 Shared Link One of my favorite HK moments H. K. Edgerton singing Dixie! H. K. Edgerton singing Dixie at the Grainger County Tomato Festival in Rutledge TN. 7-25-09.

16 02, 2011

Facebook 382

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Randy Stone - 2/10/2011 Message Subject: Mr HK. I would like to thank you for all you do in honor of them who served confederate states and how you speak of the flag letting all know that it is not hate it is heritage and history that it reps the states that most all of us had family to fight in. Thank you mr hk you got more people proud of you [...]

9 02, 2011

Facebook 381

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Stephanie Nichole Davis - Comment on Jonathan Horsley's link Many of these trolls forget that it was the Northern shipping companies that brought these slaves from Africa over here on the ships. I am reminded of the scene in the musical 1776 when John Callum portraying Edward Rutledge blasting Jefferson and John Adams about the hypocrisy of the North for the importation of slaves. I believe the song is called from Molasses [...]

9 02, 2011

Facebook 380

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Anthony Coiro - 2/9/2011 Wall Posting Dear Mr. Edgerton, I very regretfully apologize for the harassment that has been perpetuated on your page. I have just recovered my Facebook account from someone who hacked me and posted extremely disrespectful comments on not only yours, but many other of my fan/cause/ friends' pages. I deeply apologize for whatever has been said and can assure you the words of hatred did not come from [...]