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31 03, 2011

Facebook 463

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Dustin Jacks - 3/29/2011 Message As you know my school is getting informed on the south all the time as long as I am around. recently i cam across the Alexander Stephens cornerstone speech, HE says that slavery was the reason for the confederacy and that whites are superior to the african race. you got nay answers for this one? your answer is great asset in my cause. I'm sure someone will [...]

31 03, 2011

Facebook 462

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Gina Garstka - 3/29/2011 Wall Posting What?? H.K., you can't leave fb. After all your battles, marches and accomplishments to bring awareness to the unfortunate Southeron populous that have been indoctrinated for centuries, you can't give up. We need you to keep spreading the truth and unveiling the lies that have been made into motion pictures, published in novels, or text books that have been unfairly taught to the masses about the [...]

31 03, 2011

Facebook 461

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Janice Papke - 3/28/2011 Wall Posting I too am glad sir that you are still on fb. I have never met you, but my husband Gene has and he has told me that you are a wonderful pratriot and Christian. I have read some comments on your wall and it shows how much you are loved! Keep standing sir!

31 03, 2011

Facebook 460

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Chris Chain - 3/28/2011 Message Subject: thank you i know you dont remember, but we met at the hunley funeral, just before we started to march, i have always loved the south but that day , you changed my life.... because of what you do... i love the south even more. thank you for all you do. hope 1 day our paths cross again so i can thank you in person. thank [...]

31 03, 2011

Facebook 459

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Chris Crigger - 3/23/2011 Wall Posting Brother HK, stay the course! Do not let these ignorant people get their way, they will stop at nothing to destroy our heritage and by you, a great voice in the Southron cause, leaving facebook they will chalk that up to another victory in silencing the Confederate cause. I hope you will stay and continue to teach as you do so well. God Bless!

26 03, 2011

Facebook 458

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William Dean - 3/15/2011 Message H.K. My name is William Dean and I'am a member of Camp #4 (Secession in Charleston, SC). I'm very concerned that this angry young man could be a threat to his school and community. I have many years in uniform in service to this country both in the military and my local community (Law Enforcement). I have the ph. #'s should you desire to get in touch [...]

26 03, 2011

Facebook 457

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Jimmy Shawn Johnson - 3/15/2011 Message Subject: You leaving Mr. Edgerton, I am a Hisrtory Education and Political Science major at Gardner-Webb University. I heard about you a few years ago and found you on facebook. I'm from North Carolina and believe in what you do. I also believe that you should not leave this site because of what was said. I understand that children may read this material. That is why [...]

26 03, 2011

Facebook 456

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Shannon Hamilton - 3/15/2011 Wall Posting You are a hero to are a strong man....You are supported by so many who love you for what you do including myself.

26 03, 2011

Facebook 455

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Melissa Helms - 3/15/2011 Wall Posting Mr hk dont let this idiot run you off as far as his language it shows that hes not as smart as he thinks hes just running his mouth to hear his lips flapp together and im pretty sure you can have his account deleted for talking about illegal acts and all the vulgar language hes using... Your stronger and smarter than he could ever hope [...]

26 03, 2011

Facebook 454

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Danny Looney - 3/15/2011 Message Re: Petition To Keep H.K. Edgerton On Facebook I'm an ole redneck hillbilly, if I could get hold of the little snot nosed punk I'd like to show him some manners. That just goes to show how racist some people still are in this country. H K has always been one of the nicest people walking this earth.