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26 03, 2011

Facebook 452

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William Dean - 3/15/2011 Wall Posting If we want to stop this cretin brother we need to nip this in the bud... His high school is a private school and has a website at, the ph.# there is 718-836-7100 at 7100 Shore Rd. Brroklyn, N.Y. 11209... The nearest N.Y.P.D. is the 46th precinct at (crime prevention #) 718-220-5224/(Detective Div. #) 718-220-5216 at 2120 Ryer Rd. Bronx, N.Y. 10457... Anybody that calls [...]

26 03, 2011

Facebook 453

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Crystal Black-Coker - 3/15/2011 Wall Posting HK please report the ignorance to Facebook and then block the ignorance as well. I really enjoy your page and so does my 10 year old son. Some people are just plain stupid and have no kind of raising at all. God Bless you HK and God Bless Our South. thanks for all that you do.

26 03, 2011

Facebook 451

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Ashley Coogler - 3/15/2011 Message Subject: Hi! Dear Mr. Edgerton, I remember meeting you when I was a little girl. You truely are a remarkable man! I LOVE seeing people educating themselves and trying to educate others! Thank you for all that you have done and for all the positives you have shown about my heritage! I just wish everyone white, black, northern, southern whatever, could be as educated and wonderful as [...]

26 03, 2011

Facebook 450

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Glenda Few Tomaszewski - 3/15/2011 Wall Posting Brother HK, I read some of the filth Coiro wrote on your wall. First, click on his profile and underneath all of the material on the left hand side, click "report this person" and report him for harrassment. His language/topics of discussion are beyond inappropriate. Second, block him from your page. He will no longer be able to contact you. He has no class and [...]

26 03, 2011

Black Confederates 069

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Polk Arnold Polk Arnold 1844-1932 Researched by Leslie D. Marsh Commander, Sons of Confederate Veterans Sumner A. Cunningham Camp #1620 Shelbyville, Tennessee Edited by Melissa Edwards Peter Turney UDC March 2011 CLICK HERE to read this article. PLEASE NOTE: The article is in PDF format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to view this document. CLICK HERE to download a free version of this software. If you already have Adobe Acrobat [...]

26 03, 2011

Facebook 449

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Dan Carbaugh - 3/15/2011 Message Subject: please sir do not leave Mr Edgerton I am not on your list, but you were my friend on Isle of Wight Avengers camp#14 page. Sir you are our biggest asset to the cause for which we all believe in including yourself. You are a inspiration to not just the SCV but to all of us that revere and admire you sir. You are the biggest [...]

26 03, 2011

Facebook 448

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Jim Hubbard - 3/15/2011 Message If you leave FB H.K. I would be disappointed. I understand your reasons for doing so but again I would be disappointed. I think you have demonstrated an amazing ability to rise above the fray and reach out. That in turn has led people to reach out to you as well. Stay well.

26 03, 2011

Facebook 446

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Tabitha Waller - 3/15/2011 Wall Posting NO! please do not leave FB!! your work touches millions through this and your other pages and it would be a disservice to your loyal fans to stop now. if you leave, you are doing what they want, giving them what they want. block them from your page and they cannot bother you again. restrict who can view and post on your page.

26 03, 2011

Facebook 445

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Andrew Spinks - 3/15/2011 Wall Posting This is similar to what our ancestors had to deal with and added to the reason they fought. There is always going to be a knucklehead that tries to hide the true and stir the pot with false information, or is so jealous of others they try bringing everyone around them down. Mr Edgerton, you have the character so many lack and you speak truths, even [...]

26 03, 2011

Facebook 444

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Kate McAndrew Benning - 3/15/2011 Wall Posting Hang in there Mr Edgerton, I've learned a lot from you. Unfortunatley there are many ignorant people around and how are they going to learn if they're not taught. We love you.