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20 06, 2011

Facebook 488

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James Michael Walsh III - 6/17/2011 Message Thank you for responding, Sir. :) It's inspiring to hear voices like your's, especially being from up north, where the Union version of history is so thick you can't even say "Confederate States" without people in general thinking about racism and slavery. I was born and raised in New England, but my heart and soul are with the "Cause" of the CSA, and the foundations [...]

15 06, 2011

News 2208

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Confederates come to town By Katherine Calos June 14, 2011 If you’d been in Richmond when the Confederates came to town in 1861, what would you have experienced? That’s the topic we’re exploring for the next segment in our Civil War series. June was when the city population began to explode from almost 38,000 before the war to double or possibly triple that number.  A census in 1860 gives a good baseline, [...]

15 06, 2011

News 2207

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North Ga. Confederate monument damaged in move By Merritt Melancon Morris News Service Tuesday, June 14, 2011 JEFFERSON, Ga.  - A 100-year-old Confederate veterans' memorial was damaged Friday when a work crew was moving the monument as part of Jefferson's ongoing downtown renovation. The memorial has sat in the median of Sycamore Street, or Georgia Highway 129, since 1911 when Jefferson's chapter of the Daughters of the Confederate Veterans donated the granite [...]

13 06, 2011

News 2206

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Southern Discomfort By RICK MONTGOMERY and LEE HILL KAVANAUGH “You could say my family was bitter about that war. Still is.” Jack Hackley of Oak Grove The pickup rattles along Route H in Oak Grove until it stops square with a gnarled tree. “This is it,” says Jack Hackley. The spot where he still sees the Civil War. He strides through a freshly mowed pasture and squints through the haze toward distant [...]

13 06, 2011

News 2205

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Some Feel Unfairly Judged For Honoring Confederate Heritage By Rick Montgomery and Lee Hill Kavanaugh Kansas City Star OAK GROVE, Mo. -- In these parts of Missouri, family lineages often include such tales of Confederate martyrdom. People here not only discuss the war but often know intimately what their ancestors endured. Heads tilt a little higher, knowing the DNA is shared. Some trace their politics back to Civil War divisions: defenders of [...]

13 06, 2011

News 2204

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Lincoln Despotism Unleashed President Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus along the military lines between Philadelphia and Annapolis in April: Was it used primarily as a political tool to harass and intimidate residents? Commentary by Bragdon Bowling 6/11/2011 Originally published in the Washington Post May 31, 2011. General Sherman was famously quoted that “War is Hell”. Suppression of internal dissent can prove hellish also. Maryland would prove to be the laboratory [...]

13 06, 2011

News 2203

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How Prevalent Was Secession Fever? Did secession come because of the work of a minority of hot heads or was it a near universal movement in the South? Commentary by Bragdon Bowling 6/10/2011 Originally published in the Washington Post May 23, 2011. The word "secession" was originally coined in July, 1787, during the Constitutional Convention. From that time on, a large and influential body of opinion in every part of the country [...]

13 06, 2011

News 2202

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Old Confederate stirs emotions at city hall hearing Friday, June 10, 2011 By Nancy McLaughlin Staff Writer REIDSVILLE — So many people were drawn to a hearing Wednesday over what to do about a Confederate statue recently toppled by an errant driver that people who rose to speak were asked to leave afterward to allow others to come in the building. “I can’t remember an issue in my time — and I’ve [...]

13 06, 2011

News 2200

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Confederate Encampment at Cecil's Old Mill Great Mills, MD - 6/8/2011 Historian John Griffin wrote, "It is said that the first casualty of war is truth and that the victors write and perpetuate the history. There are two sides to every story, two sides to a conflict, and while it would seem simple to record and report history, it has always been open to different interpretations.  Somewhere along the line the Southern [...]

13 06, 2011

News 2199

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History or racism? Debate continues in Reidsville By Danielle Battaglia June 08, 2011 REIDSVILLE, N.C. -- Dozens of Reidsville residents flocked to Wednesday afternoon’s city council meeting to debate whether the city’s Confederate soldier statue is a symbol of history or racism. “This has become a black and white thing again,” said Reidsville resident Floyd Slade. The statue was toppled May 23 when, according to police, Mark Anthony Vincent of Greensboro fell [...]