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23 09, 2011

News 2311

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Tenth Amendment 'Terrorism' by Thomas J. DiLorenzo Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. is terrified. He is terrified that the American public has started to believe that they are the masters rather than the servants of their own government. He is terrified that they may have started to think that the old Jeffersonian dictum that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed is not such a bad idea. Most of [...]

23 09, 2011

News 2310

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Augusta general helped lead Confederate invasion of D.C. Sep 17, 2011 Of local men who bore arms for the Confederacy, perhaps Gen. John D. Imboden is the best known. But the area produced another general, as well, one whose achievements equaled those of Imboden. He was Robert Doak Lilley, and he has largely been forgotten by all but a handful of historians. Lilley was born in the village of Greenville in 1836. [...]

23 09, 2011

News 2309

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Jewish supporters of the Confederacy abounded By: Katherine Calos September 18, 2011 A year after the Civil War ended, Richmond's Jewish women came together to honor and mourn their own: Marx Myers, killed at Manassas; Henry Smith, at Fayette Courthouse; Herman Hirsh, in Westmoreland County; Isaac Levy and Gustavus Kann, at Petersburg; Madison Marcus, Henrico County; and 30 other Jewish Confederates from around the South, dead in the defenses of Richmond. The [...]

23 09, 2011

News 2308

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Confederate Powderworks flag to be replaced with more historically accurate one By Kyle Martin Staff Writer Friday, Sept. 16, 2011 The vinyl “battle flag” on the side of the Confed­erate Powderworks chimney will be removed soon and replaced with a more historically accurate flag flying on a pole. Ron Udell, the commander of Augusta’s Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp No. 158, confirmed Friday that the familiar red flag with white stars will [...]

23 09, 2011

News 2307

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Jefferson, Ga. gets new life-size bronze statue of Confederate soldier THE ASSOCIATED PRESS  September 14, 2011 JEFFERSON, Ga. — A life-size bronze statue of a Confederate soldier will be dedicated in downtown Jefferson on Oct. 1. The statue, to be dedicated by the Jackson County Volunteers, a local camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, replaces a marble sculpture erected in 1911. It was accidentally toppled and broken in 1940 while Jefferson [...]

23 09, 2011

News 2306

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Genealogy: Having Blood In the Game This isn’t your father’s genealogy:  The Internet and information technology make genealogy accessible and feasible for a much wider audience   By Steve Scroggins … featuring Hu Daughtry As part of our Sesquicentennial series, we wanted to put together an informative piece on genealogy to inspire others to start their own family roots search.  This first effort in the genealogy series includes some tips and advice [...]

23 09, 2011

News 2305

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Suspensions over Confederate flags upheld Sep 16, 2011 By Jack Madison   LAWRENCE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The Lawrence County Schools Discipline Committee upheld the two-day suspensions of two students Friday. The students appealed after they had Confederate flags on a homecoming parade float. Superintendent Heath Grimes said four boys were punished by the principal, in part, because the students hid the flags until the parade left school grounds. 16-year-old Blake Nelson [...]

23 09, 2011

News 2304

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HERITAGE NOT HATE: CONTROLLING OUR AGENDA Dear SHNV Friends, Controlling our own agenda is a learned skill that the enemies of freedom will not respectfully recognize or honour. We must learn to be on the offense and not expect the enemies of freedom to like it. Being on the offense often means growing a thicker skin and being purposely offensive when necessary. Trying to always be "nice" is rarely conducive to initiating [...]

23 09, 2011

Hkedgerton 433

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Back to the main articles page      Camp 2044 Troubles / An Open Report / Oh Boy Oh Boy! As per request in the email message from the Honorable Commander Jim Kennedy of the Rutherford Rifles, SCV Camp 2044 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, I would don the uniform of the Southern soldier and make my way on Tuesday evening, September 20, 2011 to the Ellenboro Fair in the County of my [...]

22 09, 2011

Facebook 510

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Gail Parker - 9/16/2011 Message HK, confirming the Standing Stone Day celebration for Oct. If you will send me your address I will send the check directly to you. Ken said he wanted you to spend the night at his house again , but if you want a hotel room we will be more that happy to pay for one in Monterey or Cookeville . Just let me know what else you [...]