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22 09, 2011

Facebook 509

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Gail Parker - 9/16/2011 Message HK, I know you meet many people in all your travels thruout the South and I know it's hard to remember them all . I have 2 granddaughters who used to reenact with me and have met you several times including the time you came to Monterey to help us celebrate Stand Stone day. They are now 18 and 20 yrs old. They still talk about you [...]

22 09, 2011

Facebook 508

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Mildred Deviers - 9/16/2011 Message I havent had a chance to thank you for coming to Lexington to speak to the rally, or to take the council on. Actually i am from Harrisonburg, but we were there to support our dear friend Brandon, and all he does for the cause. It was an honor to meet you, and hear you speak. Hopefully you can return in Jan. and we will see you [...]

22 09, 2011

Facebook 507

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Todd McGovern - 9/16/2011 Message HK, I friended you a while back and haven't got a response. I'm afraid you may not remember me. I am the past Commander of Palmetto Camp 22, Jackie McGoverns son and Kristen Stonehills uncle. I also was in front of the SC State House with you when Hillary Clinton was in town and fought that battle with the young man of color that kept calling you [...]

14 09, 2011

News 2303

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LIFE SIZED BRONZE CONFEDERATE SOLDIER DEDICATED Sons of Confederate Veterans    September 14, 2011    PRESS RELEASE  (Atlanta - September 14, 2011)   Exactly 100 years after the dedication of the original statue of a Confederate soldier in 1911, the city of Jefferson, Georgia will once again enjoy the presence of a Souther soldier standing vigilant on the town square.  A magnificent bronze sculpture will replace the original life sized marble statue which tragically [...]

14 09, 2011

Hkedgerton 432

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Back to the main articles page      An Open Letter & Open Report From: HK Edgerton Date: Tue, Sep 13, 2011 Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report To: Dear Ms. Lunelle, On Saturday morning, September 24, 2011, I have been asked to lecture all day at an event in York County, South Carolina to approximately 1, 000 school children and their families and friends at an event;  "7th Annual York Confederate [...]

12 09, 2011

Facebook 506

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Fred London - 9/7/2011 Message Mr. Edgerton Sir, This is Fred London. We had a brief, one-on-one conversation at the Battle of Blountville several weeks ago. I typically portray a Union chaplain. Perhaps you remember me? I sent you an e-mail via your personal e-mail address shortly after the event, but never received a reply. And so, I thought I would make another attempt via your Facebook page. Correct me if I [...]

12 09, 2011

Facebook 505

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Gail Callicott - 9/6/2011 Message Dear Mr Hk. I met you, a few years back, at Confederate Memorial Day, in Columbia. You were the keynote speaker. Ms Krys Elmore, just sent me the whole article, and such, having to do with Lexington VA. I am appalled. I have been watching this travesty unfold, for a while now. It is no wonder our children do not respect their heritage. I just wanted to [...]

12 09, 2011

Facebook 502

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Taryn Farmer - 8/30/2011 Message Mr. Edgerton, My name is Taryn Farmer and I am from Reidsville, North Carolina. In May of this year, our Confederate Monument, which has stood in the same place downtown for the past 101 years was struck by a van. The man was supposedly was asleep at the wheel when he hit it, but there is no way that could have happened. He would have ended up [...]

7 09, 2011

Facebook 504

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Dan Bower - 9/2/2011 Message As a proud, Latino Confederate, I always find myself defending my beliefs and views. Your site has been very helpful in my own debates and writings on the South. God Bless!

7 09, 2011

Facebook 503

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Richard Rotenberry - 8/30/2011 Message You are an inspiration that maybe, someday, our country will overcome their hostilities and maybe, someday the Yankee's will understand our heritage in the South that has always been here...!