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7 09, 2011

News 2302

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UNC's Confederate statue 'Silent Sam' draws new protest September 02, 2011 The Associated Press CHAPEL HILL -- Students gathered Thursday to start a new discussion about the monument known as "Silent Sam." The statue at UNC-Chapel Hill has been the subject of many debates in the nearly 100 years it has stood in the center of McCorkle Place. For the passer-by or new student, the statue overlooking Franklin Street may appear to [...]

7 09, 2011

News 2301

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Last of Confederate monument removed September 02, 2011 McClatchy News Service REIDSVILLE -- The city removed the last remnants of a Confederate soldier monument from the city center this morning. The city moved the massive marble base from the traffic circle at Morehead and Scales streets to storage at the public works department until a replica is finished. The 100-year-old statue was destroyed in May when a driver hit it. The statue [...]

7 09, 2011

News 2300

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A solution to heritage By JONATHAN RICH September 2, 2011 A few months ago, a friend of mine — a black man — purchased a Confederate flag T-shirt. Confused, I asked him how he could fly the Stars and Bars, given his ethnicity. “Hey, its heritage, not hate bro,” he responded. I had to wonder — isn’t hate a part of our heritage? How else would one describe the South’s history of [...]

7 09, 2011

News 2298

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Former Civil Rights Leader Defends Flying Confederate Flag September 1, 2011 by Buck Sexton H.K. Edgerton is a former NAACP chapter president who considers himself both a dyed-in-the-wool southerner and a staunch supporter of the Confederate flag. The former civil rights activist is set to speak tonight in support of the Son’s of Confederate Veterans in Lexington, Virginia. He has agreed to speak because he wants to ensure Confederate flags will be [...]

1 09, 2011

News 2297

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Confederate Soldier Buried In Putnam County Gets A Tombstone Monday, August 29, 2011 The tombstone was funded by an anonymous donor. WINFIELD -- A tombstone now marks the grave of a Confederate soldier buried in Putnam County last year. The grave is at the Hoge House at the county courthouse complex in Winfield. An anonymous donor provided the tombstone for Capt. Phillip Thurmond. Last October his remains were buried with full military [...]

1 09, 2011

News 2295

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A theft in Annapolis: Securing your rare relics protects your heritage Gregg Clemmer DC Civil War Heritage Examiner August 29, 2011 Our recent coverage of Civil War bullets being found in a downed Witness Tree at Gettysburg elicited a number of questions on what the actual projectiles looked like. Our follow-up article described and illustrated the three-ringed minie ball most commonly associated with the Union Army as well as the two-ringed Gardner [...]

1 09, 2011

News 2294

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Poll ranks SC 10th worst state, racism a big factor by WACH Fox News Center 08.30.2011 COLUMBIA (WACH, WPDE) -- In a recent poll conducted by the website Gawker, South Carolina ranked as the 10th worst state in the nation. Employees were asked to rank all the states from best to worst, based on their own criteria. South Carolina is called "just really, really racist."     The website points to articles [...]

1 09, 2011

News 2293

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Texas SCV leadership calling for approval of Buffalo Soldier license plate! In a move unexpected by many, the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Texas may be endorsing the call for a special license plate for Buffalo soldiers. by Mark Vogl Tuesday, August 30, 2011 Commander Granvel Block, the statewide leader of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Texas, announced today his intention to endorse a call for the Texas Department of Transportation [...]

1 09, 2011

News 2292

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The past, Southern style What a coincidence – the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War this year is the 75th anniversary of the publication of “Gone With the Wind.” Two recent books explore the relationship of fiction with the Southern past: “The South That Wasn’t There: Postmodern Memory and History” by Michael Kreyling (LSU Press: Baton Rouge; 2010, 223 pages, $48) and “Creating a Confederate Kentucky: The Lost Cause [...]

1 09, 2011

News 2291

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Flags Over Georgia, Wheels In The Ditch By Jim Thompson Athens Banner-Herald Thursday, September 01, 2011 The Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans is serious about marking the 150th anniversary of the Civil War -- so serious that it's doing all it can to roll back the clock. For the past several months, the Georgia Division has been erecting Confederate battle flags, and/or the 1956 state flag incorporating it, along [...]