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27 10, 2011

News 2357

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DMV to Revisit Confederate Plates October 21, 2011 by: Crystal Chavez The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Board is once again considering whether to approve specialty license plates displaying the Confederate battle flag. Nineteen state representatives have sent a letter to the DMV expressing their opposition. Democratic Rep. Lon Burnam says he’s deeply troubled by the proposal. “It couldn’t be clearer to most people of color that the Confederate flag symbolism is [...]

27 10, 2011

News 2356

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SCV calls for Hate Crimes prosecution Thursday, October 20, 2011 User-submitted story by Clint Lacy Press Release 10/16/2011 Missouri Division Sons of Confederate Veterans Contact: Commander Jim England- Contact: Clint E. Lacy -- 573.208.5916 The Tuesday, October 11, 2011 Southeast Missourian newspaper found at the following URL, carried a story about a Cape Girardeau, Mo. Confederate monument being vandalized. This seemingly isolated incident is one of many that are [...]

27 10, 2011

News 2355

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Confederate flag causes race war Dowagiac Union High School still reeling from the rebel flag rebellion By Rachel Glaser Oct 20, 2011 DOWAGIAC, Mich. – Classrooms were noticeably empty at Dowagiac Union High School on Thursday. It’s been almost a week since administrators banned students from wearing anything with the Confederate flag. Since then, things at the school have been tense, “It’s been really hectic, pretty awkward,” Brittany Williams said. Thursday was [...]

24 10, 2011

Facebook 517

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Tony Spangler - 10/23/2011 Message Steph Bolling pointed me your way HK. Just saw your speech on the hill sat about the flag. Really enjoyed it. They just didnt show enough. ************************************************** From: HK Edgerton [] Date: Mon, Oct 24, 2011 Dear Tony, I was sadden to hear the accounts of Lt. Tipton's demise, but so honored and elated to be at this ceremony to honor he and the other members of [...]

20 10, 2011

News 2353

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Confederate Flags Returned to Graves by Georgia Power October 19, 2011 The Confederate flags, which were removed from the graves of several Confederate Veterans at Yellow Dirt Baptist Cemetery at Georgia Power’s Plant Wansley in Heard County last week, have been replaced. Mark Williams, a spokesperson for Georgia Power, told via phone interview this afternoon that an internal investigation is still going on in regards to the property deeds. “The flags [...]

20 10, 2011

Facebook 516

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William Barrell - 10/18/2011 Message Sir, I just read an interview you did in the magazine "the Un-Civil War" by Mike Scruggs. I am a reenactor of a few years, 22 year Army combat veteran and proud patriot, and I appretiate your candor and honesty. I think if more men like yourself and Herman Cain were around we could finally come together as a nation and show that America is about hard [...]

19 10, 2011

News 2352

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Plant Wansley surrenders, Battleflags restored! The news broke at approximately 3:20pm on October 18th, 2011, that just an hour earlier the Confederate Battleflags that had been stolen from the graves of 7 Confederate Veterans in the Yellow Dirt Cemetery located inside Georgia Power's Plant Wansley only 6 days earlier - with blessing of management - H A V E   B E E N   R E S T O R E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [...]

19 10, 2011

News 2351

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5,000 watch as 500 re-enact Civil War's bloody Battle of Franklin Oct. 17, 2011 Reed Davis wears the brown uniform of a UPS delivery man during the week and a $1,500 Civil War soldier uniform in his free time. He saw a re-enactment when he was 13 while on a family vacation, and he has been hooked ever since. “Little boys like to play war,” said Davis, 32, of Mt. Juliet. “But [...]

19 10, 2011

News 2350

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Analysis: Colonel Reb drama still simmering Efforts under way to force mascot issue onto ballot By Jack Elliott Jr. Associated Press October 17, 2011 JACKSON -- The University of Mississippi's drama over a mascot used to be considered a family affair -- perhaps amusing to Mississippi State fans, but a matter that didn't affect many people outside Ole Miss. Now, it could become every voter's business. Ole Miss introduced a new mascot, [...]

19 10, 2011

News 2349

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Sons of Confederacy Replace Flags on Graves, Georgia Power Removes Them October 15, 2011 On Saturday October 8, several members of The Sons of Confederate Veterans held a small ceremony to replace the confederate flags on the graves of several Confederate Civil War veterans at the Old Yellow Dirt Baptist Church Cemetery.  The cemetery is located in the middle of the Georgia Power owned Plant Wansley in Heard County and requires entrance [...]