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10 11, 2011

News 2381

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What Would Really Happen If Ron Paul Were To Be Elected President? by Bill Sardi So what would really happen if Ron Paul were as elected President? President Paul would immediately push for $1 trillion cut in federal spending (per year, not the $3 trillion that Democrats proposed over 10 years with half of that from increased taxes). President Paul would have the authority as commander-and-chief towithdraw troops from overseas, within limits [...]

10 11, 2011

News 2380

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Confederate Museum on slate to open in 2012 STEPHANIE A. JAMES/Staff Writer Wednesday, November 2, 2011 The Appomattox branch of the Museum of the Confederacy will be more than a museum centered around events leading to the end of the Civil War, according to museum officials. There will be several sections that reveal details prior to the end and after the war. "It can't just start at 1865. How did the war [...]

10 11, 2011

News 2379

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Alabama attorney general 'troubled' by feds Friday, November 4, 2011 Finally - an officer of a sovereign State with backbone! Southerners and lovers of liberty everywhere have a new champion, and his name is Luther Strange: Alabama’s Attorney General said Wednesday he was “perplexed and troubled” by a federal government request to provide information on local school children to the Justice Department for the purpose of ensuring that illegal immigrants are not [...]

10 11, 2011

News 2378

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EDITORIAL: When it comes to allowing Confederate flag, what's wrong with this one? Posted: Thursday, November 3, 2011 The Galveston Daily News There is a simple, practical solution to the furor over whether the Confederate flag should appear on Texas license plates. Use the real flag. The official one. The one that flew over government buildings in Texas during the Civil War. That flag is called the Stars and Bars, and it [...]

10 11, 2011

News 2377

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Huntsville official backtracks on Lee school renaming November 4, 2011 Associated Press HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (AP) — Huntsville’s superintendent is abandoning his proposal to change the name of Lee High School after a day of protest by students, parents and alumni. The Huntsville Times reported Thursday that Casey Wardynski announced the high school’s name would not be changed hundreds spoke out against the change. The school opened in 1958 and got its name [...]

10 11, 2011

News 2376

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PLANT WANSLEY FLAGGING IS ON !!!!! From: Georgia Flagger Date: Sun, Nov 6, 2011 Joel,   Long time Mr Extremist :)   The 2 short answers are No, Ga Power does not own the cemetery, and no, regardless who owns what, Ga law is clear on flags and graves (NOLO ME TANGERE)   Another bit of info is that while the cemetery is inside their property, anyone can visit it by stopping [...]

4 11, 2011

News 2375

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Northern transplant becomes caretaker of Confederate grave Sunday, Oct. 30, 2011 Northern transplant becomes caretaker of Confederate grave By Wayne Ford Morris News Service COMER, Ga. -- Two years after Eugene Cruickshank acquired some land northeast of Athens, he decided to clear the thick growth of brush and trees behind his new home. He was unprepared for what he found. On the top of a ridge behind a pond, he uncovered a [...]

4 11, 2011

News 2374

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NAACP compares Texas Confederate license plates to 'a Nazi swastika' Devonia Smith Dallas Political Buzz Examiner October 28, 2011 Dallas can name a street Confederate Avenue, but so far, Dallasites have never been able to drive down that local city street in a car with a Confederate license plate.  As of today, October 28,  according to WFAA, if  Governor Rick Perry, who is now running for the GOP nomination for President, has [...]

4 11, 2011

News 2373

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And you wonder why people think you're racist By Nicole Stockdale/ Editor Fri., Oct. 28, 2011 I can't get over this quote I read this morning in an Austin American-Statesman editorial about the Confederate license plate brouhaha. "The only reason that it could possibly open up wounds is because the wounds have never been healed because they've been festering by others continuing to scrape them. The NAACP is doing the scraping. [...]

4 11, 2011

Facebook 518

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Jeremy Harpel - 11/1/2011 Message Mr. Edgerton I would like to take a min to thank you for all your efforts in defending our southern desendents. As a member of the S.C.V. living in northern Ohio with a battel flag flying proud outside of my house, It seams to be a never ending fight defending myself and my two great x4 grand daddys, and continuing to stand up for the south land. [...]