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18 12, 2012

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Kirk David Lyons - 12/17/2012 Status Update "On this cold, rainy & windy day there were 20 flaggers on the line - half under the age of 21. Haywood County contingent got there at 10 AM, Buncombe County continggent arrived at 11AM. The wind & rain abated before we all left. Members fanned outwith flags and petitions requesting the County to not enact any display policy that woud ban the Confederate Battle [...]

10 12, 2012

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Henry Russ - 12/9/2012 Link Comment HK, is truly unique! I am one of HK's friends, I had the pleasure to meet HK in person several years ago at the Atlanta Motor Speedway and try to support him and his work as much as I am able, hopefully others will consider doing the same. I pray for the safety and health of HK and his little brother Terry as they go about [...]

26 11, 2012

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Ruth A. Ward - 11/20/2012 Message I watched your videos and seen your pictures. You have every right to be proud and there are thousands of peoople that stand behind you. Every day I learn something new that we as parents are responsible to teach our younger generation what the real civil war was about. The winner does write history but they also lie to all of us. We cannot let the [...]

26 11, 2012

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Bill Hicks - Post in Respect Confederate Flags, 11/16/2012 The Honorable Hk Edgerton is on his march from Asheville to Texas. He does the Cause a tremendous service, as he meets and greets thousands on his journey as an ambassador of our beloved South and flag. He needs donations to keep his feet marching and he would appreciate assistance. You may donate at

12 11, 2012

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Amy Crow Roberts - 11/4/2012 Message Just had the most wonderful evening, with one of the most awesome men to ever be in shoe leather, Mr. Hk Edgerton.....He drove all the way from NC to attend our OCR meeting!!! I cannot begin to thank him enough for coming out and telling us about the March Across Dixie Anniversary March!!! Pictures to come in the morning, I have got to get in the [...]

7 11, 2012

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Drake Shelton - 11/2/2012 Message Mr. Edgerton, I have been watching your youtube videos and I am so thankful for your work. I have tried to get on your website but it does not seem to be working and facebook will not let me friend you. I wanted access to anything you have written. I am very interested. Drake Shelton ************************************************** From: HK Edgerton [] Date: Fri, Nov 2, 2012 Dear [...]

7 11, 2012

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Mike Wennin - 10/31/2012 Message Hi, Just a heads up that I made a $100 donation to the MAD van repair via PayPal. I just want to make sure you get it ok. Thanks for all that you are doing to support this project. ************************************************** From: HK Edgerton [] Date: Thu, Nov 1, 2012 Dear Mike, God bless you, and all who contribute to me returning to the 10 year anniversary March [...]

31 10, 2012

News 2782

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What You Can't Say by Walter E. Williams Jon Hubbard, a Republican member of the Arkansas House of Representatives, has a book, titled Letters to the Editor: Confessions of a Frustrated Conservative. Among its statements for which Hubbard has been criticized and disavowed by the Republican Party is, "The institution of slavery that the black race has long believed to be an abomination upon its people may actually have been a blessing [...]

31 10, 2012

News 2781

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Lynyrd Skynyrd's Rickey Medlocke on Flying the Confederate Flag: "It's Not About Hatred. We Don't Preach That" By Lee Zimmerman Wed., Oct. 24 2012 Billy Idol may have wailed about a "Rebel Yell," but no band embraced that Southern sensibility more defiantly than Lynyrd Skynyrd. One of the most essential Southern bands of the last 40 years, they emerged from their native Jacksonville to become album rock standard bearers, courtesy of such [...]

31 10, 2012

News 2779

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Moreland author shares family story that inspired book Sunday, October 21, 2012 By W. WINSTON SKINNER Moreland resident David Dean recently shared the outlines of a family story that inspired him to write a book. Dean spoke at a meeting of Coweta Guards Camp 715, Sons of Confederate Veterans. Mike Webb, commander, introduced Dean to the group, noting Dean is “one of our newest members.” Dean, a native of Montgomery, Ala., [...]