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8 02, 2012

News 2421

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Black student wins fight to hang Confederate flag, but decides not to Jan 27, 2012   BEAUFORT CO., SC (WTOC) - Life has changed for 18-year-old freshman Byron Thomas since December when he sought the right to hang a Confederate flag in his dorm room. Thomas, a student at University of South Carolina Beaufort, will be on Dr. Phil next month and MTV is talking to him about being part of their [...]

8 02, 2012

News 2420

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St. Francis High School Suspends Student Due to Confederate Flag Tattoo 01/26/2012 By: Mitch Pittman St. Francis High School Suspends Student Due to Confederate Flag Tattoo Free speech or offensive behavior? That's the question at St. Francis high school, where a senior recently got a tattoo of a confederate flag. The school says he can't come to class unless he covers it up. He got the tattoo on Saturday, and when administrators [...]

8 02, 2012

News 2419

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History seeks a benefactor Time, historiography, political correctness, and the U.S. government are robbing the South and America of our history. by Mark Vogl (conservative) Wednesday, January 25, 2012 You could be a person who started out with nothing, and through the grace of God, hard work and opportunity you earned a fortune.  You could be a person who one day went down and bought a lottery ticket which brought you vast [...]

8 02, 2012

News 2418

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Collection of Confederate notes and southern obsoletes headlines Heritage sale DALLAS, TX.- The Honorable William H. Kelly Collection of Confederate Notes and Southern Obsoletes is already creating buzz with collectors in advance of Heritage Auctions 6,700+ lot 2012 Orlando, FL FUN Signature® Currency Auction, Jan. 5-10. Among the offerings are a large number of Confederate notes issued in Montgomery, AL, when it was the first capital city of Confederacy. The capital was [...]

8 02, 2012

News 2417

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Ed Bearss: The man who can inspire us all Gregg Clemmer DC Civil War Heritage Examiner December 14, 2011 If you visit the battlefields that dot our land, you will surely hear of him. You see, Arlington resident Edwin Cole Bearss is America’s foremost military field historian. Having visited virtually every battlefield in North America—many, numerous times—Ed walks the ground to tell the story, leading dozens of battlefield tours for the Smithsonian [...]

8 02, 2012

News 2416

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Confederate Flags: Pride or Prejudice? Wednesday, December 14, 2011 By Demi Demirkol Byron Thomas is an African-American freshman at the University of South Carolina-Beaufort.  Like many people in the south, Thomas believes the confederate flag is a symbol of Southern pride rather than racism.  The controversy arose after he chose to display the flag in his college window and was told to remove the flag, a violation of racism codes on campus.  [...]

8 02, 2012

News 2415

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Confederate flag flying on private property creates a stir by Elsie Hodnett Dec 15, 2011 RIVERSIDE — A Confederate flag flying along U.S. 78 has created a stir. “I’ve had numerous calls about the flag,” Mayor Rusty Jessup said. “Residents are concerned about the way the flag makes the city look. They have asked if the city put the flag up — we did not.” Jessup said the flag in question is [...]

2 02, 2012

Hkedgerton 447

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Back to the main articles page      LJ Pics / An Open Report / A Plea For Support On Saturday evening, January 28, 2012 at the Annual Lee/Jackson dinner celebration, under the Command of the Honorable Ron Jones, hosted by the Longstreet Zolliciffer Camp Sons of Confederate Veterans in Knoxville, Tennessee, Terry Lee Edgerton would successfully debut his Historical March Across Dixie Pictorial Documentary Book as Mrs. Brooks, who depicted Mrs. Anna Jackson, [...]