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27 06, 2012

News 2629

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JULY 4th : PROTEST! No Independence Day! Friday, June 22, 2012 By David A. McElroy There is NO REASON any freedom loving patriotic American should celebrate in the usual July 4th Independence Day activities this year. Virtually all of the principles and freedoms of American heritage the parades and fireworks were meant to celebrate have been eliminated from Uncle Sam’s regime. We live in a fascist police state wielding the world’s most [...]

27 06, 2012

News 2628

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Honor Overdue: Civil War soldier gets marker June 22, 2012 Honor Overdue: Civil War soldier gets marker By Melanie Patterson North Jefferson News A Civil War veteran has been lying in an unmarked grave for 148 years, but a local effort has changed that. On Saturday, about 75 people attended a formal ceremony in Gardendale for Confederate soldier Pvt. Arthur Malone Belcher, whose grave finally received a headstone two weeks ago. Belcher [...]

27 06, 2012

News 2627

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Alabama license plate historian recounts 'Heart of Dixie' history Friday, June 22, 2012 David White The Birmingham News MONTGOMERY, Alabama -- The phrase "Heart of Dixie" and the image of a heart first appeared on Alabama's license plates for 1955. The white outline of the heart that year was more than half the height of the dark-green license plate. The size of the heart shrank starting with the yellow plate for 1956. [...]

27 06, 2012

News 2626

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Confederate Flags Stolen By Greg Hambrick June 23, 2012 The controversy over the Confederate Flag continues in South Carolina, and in one Goose Creek neighborhood, it appears it has led to theft. The flags were reported stolen on Tuesday afternoon, when the owner of one of the Foxborough homes called police. He told police that the theft took place sometime between 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. The flags were taken from stands [...]

27 06, 2012

News 2625

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A Mix Of Truth and Error About the War Between the States Posted on June 23, 2012    By Al Benson Jr. Back on June 21 there was an article posted on The News Virginianwebsite, written by Nelson Graves in which he seemed to question why re-enactors are still “fighting” the War of Northern Aggression, although he didn’t call it that. My intent is not to question Mr. Graves’ sincerity but rather to [...]

27 06, 2012

News 2624

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West Virginia Day Observed At Bluemont Cemetery Wednesday, Jun 20th, 2012 GRAFTON - Wednesday, June 20, is West Virginia Day, and for the 18th annual Bluemont Cemetery West Virginia Day Observance, the City of Grafton is remembering, and bestowing homage to, prominent and notable citizens from Grafton's historic past, who are buried in the cemetery. The memorial remembrance for 2012, also identified this year as the second of five observances commemorating the [...]

27 06, 2012

News 2623

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Confederate Flag Fight in Virginia Bottoms Out Wednesday, June 20, 2012     Confederate Flag Fight in Virginia Bottoms Out By LORRAINE BAILEY         (CN) - The Sons of Confederate Veterans do not have a constitutional right to fly the Confederate flag on government property, a federal judge ruled. The fraternal organization, which is open to male descendents of any veteran who served honorably in the Confederate forces, filed suit after the [...]

27 06, 2012

News 2622

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Racial Double Standards by Walter E. Williams Back in 2009, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said we were "a nation of cowards" on matters of race. Permit me to be brave and run a few assertions by you just to see whether we're on the same page. There should be two standards for civilized conduct: one for whites, which is higher, and another for blacks, which is lower. In other words, in [...]

27 06, 2012

News 2621

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Controversy over Civil War relics in Confederate Park by Jamel Major Monday, June 18th, 2012 MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – It's a controversy that has captured the attention of people on all sides. And now, it's become a battle over history and how to remember it.  It's the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, and Tarry Beasley hopes to soon return cannons to Confederate Park. "We're honoring our ancestors, both black and [...]

27 06, 2012

Hkedgerton 450

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Back to the main articles page      4th Annual Battle Of Blountsville Re-Enactment On Saturday morning, June 23, 2012, at the invitation of Ms. Sheila Hunt of the Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism, and the Lt. Robert D. Powell Camp #1817, Tennessee Sons of Confederate Veterans, to speak at the 4th Annual Battle of Blountville Re-enactment, I would arrive on the grounds of the historic Sullivan County Courthouse in downtown Blountville, [...]