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28 07, 2012

News 2663

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Robert E. Lee was right! Wednesday, July 25, 2012 Robert E. Lee was right! Remember all those crazy stories the League of the South and other extremist, un-patriotic groups spread about how the federal government was becoming authoritarian? That citizen surveillance was all about keeping the government in power, rather than the safety of the people? Turns out those stories are true: The TSA, DHS and countless other security agencies have been [...]

27 07, 2012

Facebook 526

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Phillip Hankins - 7/26/2012 Message Brother H.K. My name is Phillip Hankins i am a member of 797. I have a black friend who wants to join but doesn't want to be an uncle tom. how can i get him to open his eyes and see the truth. ************************************************** From: HK Edgerton [] Date: Thu, Jul 26, 2012 Dear Phillip, Please send him to my web site,, and I believe [...]

23 07, 2012

News 2662

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Lake City Florida: Police Chief & City Manager In Confederate Flag - Jury Out Posted July 17, 2012 Part III By Stew Lilker LAKE CITY, FL – Last night in Lake City, City Hall, Mayor Steve Witt, the City Council, and an overflow standing room only crowd listened patiently as speaker after speaker spoke about the Police Chief, the City Manager, the Stars and Bars/Confederate Battle Flag and Civil War/Lake City history. [...]

22 07, 2012

News 2661

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Las Cruces mayor applauds anti-Southern article July 18, 2012 By Michael Mayor Ken Miyagishima of Las Cruces has chimed in with his praise for an article by reporter Heath Haussamen attacking the New Mexico Tea Party and the Confederate flag. Miyagishima recently exploded in a public rant against the Tea Party’s use of the Southern symbol and vowed to prevent it from being seen in future city parades. Haussamen added his support [...]

22 07, 2012

News 2660

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New flagger group joins flag debate at historic cemetery By Robert Sorrell A newly-formed grassroots organization, Tennessee Flaggers Holding the Line, will protest alleged Confederate flag abuse later this month at Elizabethton’s historic Green Hill Cemetery. Last October, the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) installed a 30-foot pole and Confederate flag at the cemetery, which is located along Mill Street next to the Tractor Supply Company. The Watauga Historical Association (WHA), which [...]

22 07, 2012

News 2658

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What is States' Rights? Part 8. by Mike Crane Morganton, Georgia "Our Rights are like a cookie, no matter how big the cookie and how small the bites, eventually you run out of cookie" Part 7 (and Parts 1-6) demonstrated from the historical record a couple very important points – if you want to understand why this country is teetering on the brink of financial, spiritual and cultural bankruptcy. The impact of [...]

22 07, 2012

News 2657

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City Council Votes to Keep Lake City Police Chief Amid Controversy Jul 16, 2012 Reporter: Eames Yates Lake City, Florida- July, 16 2012 One Lake City Councilman, Jake Hill, has accused the city's police chief Argatha Gilmore of firing African American police officers. He says white officers are reprimanded or not punished for breaking the rules. Others have also expressed similar accusations. The NAACP's local branch Vice President, Debra White, said "I [...]

22 07, 2012

News 2656

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Lake City police chief, city manager to stay Civil rights group called for chief, city manager to step down July 16 2012 LAKE CITY, Fla. - Hours after members of a local chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference held a rally asking two city leaders in Lake City to resign, the City Council unanimously passed a vote of confidence for the police chief and city manager at the center of the [...]

22 07, 2012

News 2655

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Lake City Florida confronting its past, present and future: Will civil rights groups join hands? Posted July 14, 2012 Part II By Stew Lilker LAKE CITY, FL – On Monday evening, July 16th, Lake City Florida is once again on track to confront its past, present, and future. The president of the state Southern Christian Leadership Conference, founded by Dr. Martin Luther King in 1957, and the local branch of the NAACP [...]

22 07, 2012

Hkedgerton 452

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Back to the main articles page      Presentation To Lake City, Florida City Council / 07-16-2012   Mr. Mayor, Honored members of Council, and members of the Public. I am HK Edgerton, President of Southern Heritage 411, Chairman of the Board of Advisers Emeritus of the Southern Legal Resource Center, and hold numerous Honorary and Associate memberships in the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a 501C3  non-profit Heritage organization, and am bound by oath [...]