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10 09, 2012

News 2733

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Missouri students punished for wearing Confederate shirts September 9, 2012 By Michael School officials enforce anti-Southern policy More Southern students have been victimised by politically-correct elements in the US educational system. In this case, a student named Austin Baughman from Branson, Missouri was sent home for wearing a shirt which honored his recently killed brother (whose favourite symbol was the Confederate flag). Other students decided to also wear Confederate shirts in support [...]

10 09, 2012

News 2732

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Branson students sent home over Confederate memorial shirts School policy forbids offensive or distracting clothing September 08, 2012 by Mary Moloney and Brandon Foster, KSPR News BRANSON, Mo. -- Preston Baughman is known as a champion of Southern heritage. The Branson native wore shirts with the confederate flag almost daily, just like his dad. "Preston wore the confederate flag just about every day. It was rare you seen him without it on," [...]

5 09, 2012

News 2731

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The Party of Lincoln Shows its True Colors Posted on September 2, 2012    By Al Benson Jr. You thought the Republican Party was conservative, right? After all you heard all those folks at this recent convention making all those “conservative” noises, right? Problem is that noises are all it is—no substance, just noises, but some of the noises you don’t hear in public are fascist noises. You have to remember that this [...]

5 09, 2012

News 2730

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Did You Spot the Neo-Confederate at the Republican Convention? September 1, 2012 Did You Spot the Neo-Confederate at the Republican Convention? Posted by Thomas DiLorenzo Today's Washington Post had a big story about Clint Eastwood's speech at the Republican convention. I was out of the country and didn't watch, but the Post had a picture of Clint and in the background was a large electronic mural of him portraying "The Outlaw Josey [...]

5 09, 2012

News 2729

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AMERICAN CORPORATISM: THE BALANCE OF EVIL. HOW TO CONTINUE AMERICAN TYRANNY Sunday, September 02, 2012 AMERICAN CORPORATISM: THE BALANCE OF EVIL HOW TO CONTINUE AMERICAN TYRANNY From: USA Economics is not controlled or influenced by our duly elected government representatives, but by global corporations and the banking interest now appropriately called "banksters." Both Republicans and Democrats are chosen and/or controlled by these international/global puppeteers. This is called "fascism." The amazing and [...]

5 09, 2012

News 2728

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Last son of a Confederate chuckles at distinction By Bill Torpy    Atlanta Journal Constitution Monday, Sept. 3, 2012 ELBERTON, Ga. — For a while, it seemed another bit of history had slipped away. This month, John Charles Mc-Donald, an 85-year-old retired Vidalia onion farmer and son of a Confederate soldier, was buried. The Georgia branch of the Sons of Confederate Veterans put out an announcement that mourned the death of its last [...]

4 09, 2012

News 2727

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Use of Confederate flag provokes fight on Tarpon High campus By Stephanie Wang Times Staff Writer Friday, August 31, 2012     TARPON SPRINGS — After the last bell rang Wednesday, a student walked across the Tarpon Springs High School campus. Around his shoulders, he wore a Confederate flag. The controversial symbol sparked a fight among students, school principal Clinton Herbic said. As at least four students brawled, many other students jumped in [...]

4 09, 2012

News 2726

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Fans Furious Over Rumor that Confederate Flag Would be 'Removed' from Dukes of Hazzard General Lee Toys By Michael Allen Fri, August 31, 2012 Rumors swirled into a firestorm after reported that the Confederate flag would be removed from future Dukes of Hazzard's General Lee cars. An anonymous insider with Tomy Toys claimed the Confederate flag would be banned from all 2013 General Lee cars, reports the Daily Mail. The post [...]

4 09, 2012

News 2725

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Warner Bros: Confederate Flag Stays On General Lee Aug 30, 2012 Los Angeles, CA - "Dukes of Hazzard" fans don't have anything to be upset about after all. A Warner Brothers Consumer Products spokesperson says they "were not, and are not planning to change the design of the General Lee on merchandise." Reports on the Internet had claimed that Warner planned to remove the Confederate Flag from the roof of toy versons [...]

4 09, 2012

Hkedgerton 458

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Back to the main articles page      Preliminary 10 Year Anniversary March Across Dixie Schedule To Biltmore Village October 15, 2012  -  Leave Vance Memorial in downtown Asheville. March to the Biltmore Village and begin the 10 mile march to the Old Hendersonville County Courthouse October 16, 2012  -  March 10 miles to Dixie Outpost in Travelers Rest, South Carolina (Highway 25) October 17, 2012  -  March 10 miles to the Dixie Lumber Company in Easley, South Carolina (Highway [...]