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18 12, 2012

Facebook 540

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Kirk David Lyons - 12/17/2012 Status Update "On this cold, rainy & windy day there were 20 flaggers on the line - half under the age of 21. Haywood County contingent got there at 10 AM, Buncombe County continggent arrived at 11AM. The wind & rain abated before we all left. Members fanned outwith flags and petitions requesting the County to not enact any display policy that woud ban the Confederate Battle [...]

10 12, 2012

Facebook 539

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Henry Russ - 12/9/2012 Link Comment HK, is truly unique! I am one of HK's friends, I had the pleasure to meet HK in person several years ago at the Atlanta Motor Speedway and try to support him and his work as much as I am able, hopefully others will consider doing the same. I pray for the safety and health of HK and his little brother Terry as they go about [...]