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27 01, 2013

News 2832

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Always Follow the Money Wednesday, January 23, 2013 Always Follow the Money By Bob Hurst Well, here we are into February so I'm sure we will hear a lot from the media about Abraham Lincoln. There is a highly-promoted motion picture playing in theaters all around the country that I have absolutely no desire to see. This movie has been nominated for a number of awards but I still have no desire [...]

22 01, 2013

News 2831

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The Law Of The Sword Posted on Jan 17, 2013 The Law Of The Sword My last two columns which stated that my line in the sand has been drawn and I will NOT register or surrender my firearms, even if that makes me a lawbreaker (in the sight of government), have generated multiplied thousands of reader responses. And while the vast majority of these responses expressed complete agreement, there were several [...]

22 01, 2013

News 2830

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Local minutemen, sheriffs discuss gun control Thursday, January 17, 2013 Local minutemen, sheriffs discuss gun control Here's the kind of community input our Southern elected officials need to hear! From WTVD-TV in Raleigh, North Carolina: Hundreds of people met Wednesday evening to talk passionately about the Second Amendment and their rights to bear arms. Three local sheriffs, including Wake County's Donnie Harrison, took part in the minutemen's discussions in Zebulon. The meeting [...]

22 01, 2013

News 2829

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States pulling rug from under Obama gun plans Bills exempting rifles, handguns, magazines from coming federal limits Rallies have been scheduled to protest Barack Obama’s gun agenda, members of Congress are pondering their resistance and American consumers are speaking daily with ever-new records for gun purchases. Now states are getting into action, with several legislatures already developing bills that would simply pull the rug from under the president’s agenda by specifying that [...]

22 01, 2013

News 2828

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Sheriff Mack: Constitutional Sheriffs Refusing to Infringe on Gun Rights IS the Solution A growing movement of sheriffs and law enforcement figures are refusing to participate in disarmament. Aaron Dykes January 18, 2013 Sheriff Richard Mack will appear on tonight’s Friday, January 18 edition of the Infowars Nightly News to outline the exciting and growing movement of sheriffs, law enforcement officers, lawmakers and citizens who are vowing to defend the 2nd [...]

22 01, 2013

News 2827

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Firearms and Self Defense Friday, January 18, 2013 Firearms and Self Defense On 16 January 2013, President Barack Obama issued a series of twenty-three "executive actions" designed to control "gun violence" in America. The League of the South, the premier Southern nationalist organization, issued the following statement from its President, Michael Hill: "We encourage all Southerners to defend their God-given right to self defense. To defend oneself and one's family, real property, [...]

22 01, 2013

News 2826

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Va. celebrates Lee-Jackson Day By Associated Press Published: January 18 LEXINGTON, Va. — Virginia on Friday is marking Lee-Jackson Day, a state holiday dedicated to two towering figures in the Civil War. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is hosting a symposium in Lexington, where Gens. Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson had strong ties and where both are buried. A flag vigil is also planned by the group. The subject [...]

22 01, 2013

News 2825

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Confederate Lawyer Fights to Keep Confederate Memorial Plastered in Confederate Remembrance By Casey Michel Fri., Jan. 18 2013 The Texas Supreme Court building is the largest Confederate memorial in the world. Kirk Lyons, a lawyer with the Sons of Confederate Veterans, wants me to know this. He says it, repeats it. At the beginning of the conversation. In the middle. At the end, twice. "That building is still the largest Confederate memorial [...]

22 01, 2013

News 2824

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They're baaack! Arizona's Neo-Confederate dead-enders are back Posted by AzBlueMeanie: It was just last week that the elite political media of Arizona were reassuring us that the 51st Arizona legislature would not be as extreme and divisive as the last Arizona legislature. That self-delusion didn't last long. Once again, Arizona's Neo-Confederate dead-enders are back promoting the long discredited theories of "interposition and nullification" to oppose desegregation gun regulations under the banner of [...]

22 01, 2013

News 2823

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Leonard Lanier: Journey of Confederate battle flag begins in Craven County By Leonard Lanier The Daily Advance Saturday, January 19, 2013 Although the Museum of the Albemarle’s Civil War Sesquicentennial exhibit will remain on display until 2015, the same artifacts will not remain up for that entire time. Every 12 months the curatorial staff rotates new objects into the existing displays. A new artifact just went on display this month, the Whitford [...]