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22 01, 2013

News 2822

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East Texans remember Confederate ancestors at courthouse ceremony Sunday, January 20, 2013 By Richard Yeakley A gun salute, the sound of “Taps” and the singing of “Dixie” sounded across the Gregg County Courthouse lawn Saturday as dozens of East Texans remembered their ancestors who served in the Confederate Army. Representatives from the Sons of Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Order of the Confederate Rose were on hand [...]

22 01, 2013

News 2821

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Confederate Heroes Day in Midland 1/19/13 CBS 7 News January 19, 2013 MIDLAND - The ground rattled at the sound of military muskets and cannon-fire at the Confederate's Heroes Day celebration this morning in the tall city. The event commemorates the birthdays of both Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Men and women dressed in military uniforms honored 32 men who are buried at Fairview Cemetery in Midland. The group's goal is [...]

22 01, 2013

News 2820

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Lexington celebrates Lee-Jackson day By: WSLS-TV Staff Reports | WSLS-TV 10 Published: January 19, 2013 Lexington, VA -- People in the Lexington area celebrated Lee-Jackson day Saturday. In the morning, the Sons of Confederate Veterans laid a wreath at the grave of General Stonewall Jackson. The a parade marched through themed "a war between the states". There was a memorial service at Lee Chapel.                          Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson [...]

22 01, 2013

News 2819

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Georgia Public Broadcasting sugar-coats US invasion & destruction of Peach State January 20, 2013 By Michael Today in Georgia History is a joint collaboration of the Georgia Historical Society and Georgia Public Broadcasting. It appears regularly on National Public Radio stations out of the Peach State. The one from the nineteenth of January, 2013 covered the Georgians’ secession from the United States in 1861. The short program offered only a single interpretation [...]

22 01, 2013

News 2817

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Court date set on Confederate Flag lawsuit appeal By: WSLS-TV Staff Reports | WSLS-TV 10 Published: January 15, 2013 As we reported back in July, the Sons of Confederate Veterans Stonewall Brigade appealed the ruling against its lawsuit over flying the confederate flag in Lexington. A Roanoke Federal District Court judge threw out the group's lawsuit against the city of Lexington. The group says, in a press release, the 4th Circuit U.S. [...]

22 01, 2013

News 2816

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Downtown Rock Hill store takes down Confederate flag signs Published: January 15, 2013 By Andrew Dys — ROCK HILL — Without shouts or shots or even a raised voice, the owner of a downtown Rock Hill store that had a Confederate flag emblem on his business signs took the signs down. He did so Monday after a complaint from the Rock Hill NAACP president and in response to my questions about [...]

22 01, 2013

News 2815

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Man charged after displaying confederate flag Posted on: January 14, 2013 by Angela Pellerano RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Trip Lewis says he was just paying tribute to his Civil War ancestor on Saturday, in front of a historic chapel just outside the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. But police say he broke the law when brought a Confederate flag on the property. “The security guard asked me to get off, and I [...]

22 01, 2013

Facebook 546

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Gordon Dean Flick - 1/18/2013 Tagged Post "Great day in Lexington today. Hk Edgerton led those of us that were having breakfast at the hotel in a round of Dixie in the dining room at the Best Western. The Holiday Inn Express has one of the "offensive" Lee Headquarters flags flying out front with a Second National in the lobby. The symposium was educating for the second year in a row."

22 01, 2013

Facebook 545

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Confederate Pictures - 1/18/2013 Tagged Post "Okay, this is what I have been preaching for years, right here. The American Left are, and have always been, a real RELIGION of power. A RELIGION is "a belief and worship of a superhuman controlling power." From the New England yankee Cotton Mather and his terrorist New England Puritan Witchfinder Generals (they even have a football team now called THE PATRIOTS, again signifying their undue [...]

21 01, 2013

News 2813

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The Old South is fading away By Gene Lyons/Syndicated columnist GateHouse News Service Posted Jan 12, 2013 Politically speaking, we live by caricature. Particularly in the age of satellite TV news and Internet fulmination, the temptation is to melodrama. So I wasn't terribly surprised to read a recent article in the online magazine Salon arguing that "even though it's a truism of American public discourse that the Civil War never ended, it's [...]