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10 04, 2013

Facebook 553

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 Melissa King Capps - 4/9/2013 Status Comment Michaela is a friend of mine and I was there to witness the greatness that Mr. H.K is so well known for! My son is attending Flat Rock for the second year of his three year term and has worn a Confederate shirt with pride each and every single day he has been there without backing down and has had absolutely no backlash from [...]

4 04, 2013

Facebook 552

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 Shane Brissey - 4/1/2013 Comment hello hk hope things are going well i am in need of some advice i dont know how to handle this situation i am in due to the fact its with my work i recently started working with walmart and i found out that i am under some sort of investagation because of me being a confederate reenactor. we both know that they just dont know [...]