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17 07, 2013

Facebook 559

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 Delaware Confederate - 7/17/2013 Message I just wanted to drop you a message, since you are at your friend list limit. May God bless your efforts sir and continue to educate others and fight for the Southern way of life. I personally thank you for your honouring of those who carry the St. Andrews Cross and for those who lost their lives defending it!

1 07, 2013

Facebook 558

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 Brig. General Gano - 6/29/2013 Message Good Day Sir I tried to friend you but Facebook says your full. I was Wondering if you ever travel to s.e. Oklahoma and If so What would it take for you to speak at one of Our SCV Camp meeting .Thank you for your attn. in this Note and Deo Vindice As Ever Rocky J. B. Sumpter ************************************************** From: HK Edgerton [] Date: Sat, [...]

1 07, 2013

Facebook 557

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 Lisa Messer - 6/27/2013 Tagged Post "Ok, I am just going to say it....So the comment "Crazy ass white cracker" isn't racist or a racist comment AND.... CAN make the news but ass is displayed as a**, but "white cracker" is spelled out AND the infamous word referring to blacks is " the 'n' word". White Cracker is ok, sure and according to George Jefferson, "Honkey" was perfectly Ok to say [...]

1 07, 2013

Facebook 556

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 Wanda Jean King - 6/26/2013 Comment Mr edgerton.I have tried friending you guess you have the li it of friends.first I wa.t to thank you for educating people on the confederate flag I am married to brian king hamptons a family member posted somethings that were not true about the flag that it was a symbol of racism.I tried to tell him he was doing all men black or white [...]