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22 12, 2014

Facebook 563

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 Lani Burnette Rinkel - 12/18/2014 Comment, English Friends of the South lol! You KNOW ya have arrived when ya can wear a shirt with your own face on it. Hk can do just that. I think they're available from Dixie Outfittrers :)

7 11, 2014

Facebook 562

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 Belinda Derrick - 11/6/2014 Facebook Tag One of the most honorable Southern Gentleman that is my pleasure to be acquainted with: Mr. Hk Edgerton. This much loved gentleman has walked all over the South and traveled thousands of miles wearing the uniform of a Confederate Soldier and carrying the Confederate Flag. (Based on the Christian Cross of St. Andrew - Jesus Christ's first Apostle.) He educates peeps everyday from his website [...]

7 01, 2014

Facebook 560

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 Tim Miller - 1/6/2014 Message You are one the greatest men in the world. It would be my greatest honor to ever meet you and shake your hand. My whole family admires your work. Please accept my friend request. Tim Miller