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28 07, 2020

Email 2283

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News Footage Gave You The Credit To Be Listed To! Amen- From: [] Date: Feb 25, 2019 Subject: News footage gave you the credit to be listed to! Amen- To: "H K Edgerton" [] Links for your inspection- Photo opportunities galore - Oxford rally news footage *************************************************

28 07, 2020

Email 2295

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Meeting New Friends From: "Rhonda Baldwin" [] Date: May 11, 2019 Subject: Meeting New Friends To: "" [] ************************************************* From Stephen & Rhonda Baldwin, it was really a pleasure to meet you.

28 07, 2020

Email 2273

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Thank You From: "Tammy Nyman" [] Date: Oct 21, 2018 Subject: Thank You To: "" My email is, but do not feel obligated to answer. I just wanted to tell you how you made me feel. Dear Sir, I just had to message you. As a Southern bred and raised(no longer in Arkansas) you are a breath of fresh air! It is a shame that so much of history being taught [...]

28 07, 2020

Email 2284

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Nice Man From Yesterday From: [] Date: Feb 24, 2019 Subject: Nice man from yesterday To: "H K Edgerton" [] My Post- “This is what it was all about yesterday in Oxford! I am so blessed to have stood together with HK and unified many who have stood alone in the Indoctrinated town of Oxford that want a voice! I am praying this will help those who want to be free to [...]

28 07, 2020

Email 2274

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Thank You, Dear Sir From: "rightside4752" [] Date: Dec 6, 2018 Subject: THANK YOU Dear Sir! To: [] Mr. Edgerton I Thank You for your vast knowledge of good, Southern American History and sharing it with us. You must have been fortunate to have recieved a fairly thorough education, as I did. You are much more eloquent in your very articulate expression of your vast knowledge. Again, Thank You......We sorely need more [...]

28 07, 2020

Email 2285

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Job Well Done From: "Swing of the Axe 33" [] Date: Feb 23, 2019 Subject: Job well done! To: [] Mr Edgerton, Job well done today at the rally at Ole Miss. Through the media I have discovered who you are and what you stand for. You make me proud. As a 43 year old man who has been born and raised in New England i feel that all my life I've [...]

28 07, 2020

Email 2275

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Silent Sam From: HK Edgerton [] To: merlin1246 [] Sent: Thu, Dec 6, 2018 Subject: Silent Sam Dear Merlin, As soon as I raise the funds, I shall return to UNC and post the colors again and make a visit to Duke as well. I am so proud of the Student President and the Honors committee. These people don't get it. Keep your $5 million and follow the law. Put Silent Sam [...]

28 07, 2020

Email 2286

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SOS From Pittsboro, NC From: "bassholigans" [] Date: March 11, 2019 Subject: SOS from Pittsboro, NC To: [] Hope you are having a fine evening sir! I'm a huge fan of yours as well as a student of North Carolina history. Not from school but listening to you and people like you that are not sell outs and speak the truth. This is very short notice but it's a emergency and I [...]

28 07, 2020

Email 2265

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Southern Land From: "Austin Neely" [] Date: Sep 3, 2018 Subject: Southern Land To: [] Hi Mr H.k Edgerton, My name is Austin Neely. I am from Rural Hall North Carolina, and I just wanted to say seeing you at the Silent Sam statue in Chapel Hill was a huge inspiration to Southerners everywhere. Seeing a momorial to my ansesters tore down sickened me and my family. But seeing you there defending [...]

28 07, 2020

Email 2276

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Your Efforts From: "Gary.Darby" [] Date: Dec 15, 2018 Subject: Your efforts To: [] Mr Edgerton, I want to applaud you and your efforts - years ago when I first started studying the history of the US, I quickly saw that Lincoln was not a good guy and that the southern states were lawful in their succession. That Lincoln declared an unlawful war as a dictatorship, not as a president. As time [...]