Uncle Lewis

Religious Herald
Richmond, VA
September 10, 1863

(From unedited microfiche of the original article):

“To the Confederate army goes the distinction of having the first black
to minister to white troops: ‘A correspondent of the SOLDIER’S
FRIEND mentions a Tennessee regiment which has no chaplain; but an old
negro, ‘Uncle Lewis,’ preaches two or three times a week at night. He is
heard with respectful attention — and for earnestness, zeal and sincerity,
can be surpassed by none. Two or three revivals have followed his preaching
in the regiment. What will the wise Christian patriots out of the army, who
denounce those who wish to see competent negroes allowed to preach, as
tainted with anti-slaveryism, say with regard to the true Southern feeling of
that regiment, which has fought unflinchingly from Shiloh to Murfreesboro?”