Muster roll of unasigned recruits,
1st New Orleans Volunteers,* August 31, 1864.
Courtesy of the Author.

*The 1st New Orleans Volunteers was a white Union regiment organized in March 1864 to defend
the Crescent City while Nathaniel P. Banks was away with his army during the Red River Campaign.
The 1st New Orleans Volunteers was not part of the Louisiana Native Guards, CSA or USA,
and this representation of its muster roll is used here for illustrative purposes only.

* – Name appears on the muster roll of Butler’s 1st Regiment of Native Guards, U.S.A.
# – Name appears on the list of volunteers for Banks’s “Folorn Hope” at Port Hudson.



Hains, Charles not available

Hains, Manuel Private

Hardi, Sveriste Private

Hardi, Robert Private

Hardy, Etiennne A. Private

Hardy, Paul Private

Harris, Albert Private

Hazeur, Joseph Private

Hecaud, Benjamin Private

Helliot, Louis Private

Heno, Joseph Private

Henry, Josep Private

Hermann, Ernest Corporal

Hermogene, Thomas Private

Herriman, G. Private

Herrere, Jean* Private

Hewlett, Ernest* Corporal

Hins, H. Private

Hippolyte, Francois* Private

Hippolyte,Louis Private

Hippolyte, P. Private

Hubbart, Williams Private

Hubean, Telefore Private

Hubert, Victor Private

Hubrin, Joseph Private

Jacob, William, * Private

Jacques, Adolph Private

Jacques, Arthur Private

Jacques, Emile Sergeant

Jamet, Eugen Private

Jamet, Felix Private

Jameau, Martin Private

Janeur, Jules Private

Janneau, Baptiste Private

Jareux, Jean A. Private

Jardais, Jean Private

Jardey, John Private

Jean, Henri* Private

Jean, Urein Private

Johnson, Henry Private

Jolbois, Joseph Corporal

Joly, F. Private

Joneau, J. Private

Joniaron, J. Private

Jonkins, Georges Private

Joseph, A.* Private

Joseph, Bazile not available

Joseph, Charles Private

Joseph, Ernest* Private

Joseph, Etienne Private

Joseph, Janvier Private

Joseph, Louis Private

Joseph, Prospere* Private

Joublane, Charles Private

Joublane, L. Private

Joublane, Renauld not available

JuForgue, Armand Sergeant Major

Juin, Andre Private

Juin, Francois Private

Kata, Alexandre Private

Kennedy, Edourd Corporal

Kennedy, Daniel not available

Labattre, Casemir not available

Labbe, E. Private

Labostrie, F. Private

Lacheand, L. 1st Lieutenant

Lacoste, F.U. 2nd Lieutenant

Lacour, —- Private

Lacroix, A. Tres.

Lacroix, E. 1st Sergeant

Lacroix, V. Private

Lafargue, V. Private

Lafargue, Hippolyte Private

Lafferanderie, M. Sergeant

Lafont, Joseph Private

Lafont, Louis Sergeant

Lafrance, Valsin Private

Lainez, Louis* Captain

Lejoy, Esteve Private

Lalvire, M. Private

Lamothe, Mertile Private

Lamotte, Martin Private

Lanbere, Jules Private

Lananiere, Lucien Private

Lanaux, Paul not available

Lanns, D.A. Private

Lanoy, B. Private

Lanusse, Armand Captain

Lapierre, Francois Private

Laprune, A. Corporal

Larche, Joseph Private

Larche, Mathieu —

Laroche, H. Private

Larose, Desir Private

Laurent, B. Private

Laurent, Joseph Private

Laurent, P. Private

Laurince, Jean Private

Laveaux, Joseph Private

Lavedu, Octave Eli Private

Lavigne, E.* not available

Lavigne, Henry Corporal

Lavigne, Louis Private

Lavigne, V.J.L.* Sergeant Major

Lazare, Louis* Private

Lebreton, Clovis Private

Lee, E. Private

Leger, Auguste Private

Leger, Ovide Private

Legras, E. Corporal

Legros, Erneste# not available

Legros, Jasque Private

Legros, Louis Private

Leon, Edgard* not available

Leon, Thelesfort not available

Lepine, Fredrick Sergeant

Lepine, Joseph Private

Lessasier, Valdes Private

Lespit, Jules Corporal

Levache, P.L. Private

Leveque, Cyprien Private

Leveille, Gerome Private

Leveille, Louis J.* Capor

Lewis, Alcide* Captain

Lewis, Lafayette Private

Lewis, Simon Private

Liantaud, Adolphe Corporal

Liantaud, G. Sergeant

Lino, Manuel Private

Lepal, Alphonse Private

Lorenz, L.* Private

Lorenzo, J. Private

Louck, J. C.F.

Louis, Charles Private

Louis, Joseph* Private

Louis, Pierre * Private

Lubin, Guillaume Private

Macarty, B. Private

Macarty, Jules Private

Macarty, Prosper Private

Mackemma, James Sergeant

Madisou, Eugene Private

Magloire, Casimir Private

Magloire, Joseph Private

Magloire, Louis Private

Maindubourg, E. Private

Maindubourg, O. Private

Mallet, Jules* Private

Mansion, Joseph Private

Manuel, Louis Private

Maran, C. Private

Marc, Murville Private

Marcelin, John* Private

Marcelin, Joseph* Private

Marcisse, Honore Private

Mariginy, G. Private

Marine, Joseph Private

Marine, P. Private

Martin, A. Sergeant

Martin, Agenore* not available

Martin, Joseph Private

Martin, L. Private

Martin, L. Jr. Private

Martin, Louis Jr. Private

Martin, Theo Jr. Private

Massanna, R. Private

Mathaire, Louis Private

Mathe, B. Private

Mathieu, Henri* Sergeant

Mathieu, Henry not available

Mau, Nathaniel Gaspard Private

Maurice, Augustin Private

Maurice, E. Private

Maurice, Micheal Private

Maurice, Washington Corporal

McDonnel, Thomas Private

McKenna, Thomas Private

Mederic, Ludger Private

Meide, Athur not available

Meilleur, F. Jr Private

Meilleur, Gustave Sergeant

Meilleur, Lange Private

Menard, L. Private

Mercada, Francois Private

Mercelle, J. Private

Merlet, —- Private

Merlleur, Albert Sergeant

Metoyer, H. Private

Meunier, Henry Private

Michel, Antoine Private

Michel, Marc 2nd Lieutenant

Milaire, Joseph Private

Mirabin, Alcede Private

Mitain, Louis Private

Miton, M. Private

Mollay, Pierre Corporal

Mollet, Arthur not available

Monde, Alcide not available

Monde, Alcide Private

Monde, Lolo Jr not available

Mondre, Lucien Private

Monette, J.J. Corporal

Moniaque, Jules* not available

Monrose, Eugene Private

Montesquieux, Leonville Sergeant

Montesquire, Gustave Private

Montieu, Alcee J. Private

Montieu, Alfred J. not available

Montigut, J.F. Sergeant

Montaor, C. Private

Montreuil, J.J. Corporal

Moran, D. Private

Moran, O.D. Private

Morant, C. Private

Moret, J.B. Private

Morette, Eugene not available

Morle, Antoine Private

Mornay, Millien Private

Mornet, Augustin not available

Morphy, Jules not available

Muller, Adolphe Private

Muro, Francois Private

Nell, L. Private

Nicaud, Alcee* not available

Noel, Charles Private

Ogden, Henry D. Lieutenant Colonel

Padoux, Antoine Private

Page, Louis* Private

Paton, F. Private

Patron, J.B. Private

Patterson, Auguste not available

Patterson, Donatien* Private

Patterson, Joseph* not available

Peche, Pierre Corporal

Pedesclaux, Bonny Private

Pedesclaux, Charles Private

Pelebon, Francois Private

Pelissier, L. Private

Penas, Charles not available

Penel, Julien Private

Pepe, Hippolyte* Private

Perche, Eloie 2nd Lieutenant

Perez, A. Private

Perez, Sedro Private

Peroux, Auguste Private

Perralte, A. Private

Perrault, Edgard Private

Perrault, S. Private

Perrez, T.M. not available

Perthelot, Eugene Corporal

Petit, Louis 1st Lieutenant

Phillippe, Urein Private

Philogene, Jacques Private

Picon, A. Private

Picot, C Private

Picotte, Earnest Private

Picou, D. Private

Picou, J. Private

Picoux, Octave Private

Piernas, Antoine Private

Pierre, A.* not available

Pierre, Alexandre Private

Pierre, Eugine Corporal

Pierre, Jacque* Private

Pierre, Leon Private

Pierre, Theodule* Corporal

Pierre, Victor Private

Pignegny, F. Private

Pijeau, Etienne Private

Pinta, Henry Private

Placiencia, Arcene Private

Pledeau, Ogee not available

Plessir, Adolphe Private

Plique, A. Private

Polinard, Pierre Private

Popo, ——— Private

Popte, L. Private

Populus, Armand not available

Populus, Joseph Private

Poree, Earnest* Private

Poree, F. Private

Poree, Francois not available

Poree, M., Jr. Private

Poree, Paul Private

Poree, Nelson not available

Postille, Leon Private

Potenne, A. Private

Potin, Charles Private

Pradas, C. Private

Prevost, Prancois Private

Quessar, Louis* Private

Questas, Joany not available

Quevin, Leonard Private

Quegere, L.P. Private

Quintal, Antoine Private

Rabouin, Adolph Private

Ramos, A. Private

Raphael, Aristilde Private

Rapp, Eugene* 1st Lieutenant

Raymond, Antoine* Private

Raynal, A 1st Sergeant

Rebouil, Henry Corporal

Relf, Samuel Private

Relf, T.E. Corporal

Remy, A. Private

Remy, F. Private

Remy, J.J. 1st Sergeant

Remy, O.* Private

Remy, R. Private

Renier, J.B. Private

Revoil, Arthur Sergeant Major

Rey, Armand Drummer

Rey, Hippolyte Corporal

Rey, H. Louis* Captain

Rey, Joseph Corporal

Rey, Leon not available

Rey, Octave 2nd Lieutenant

Reyes, F. 2nd Lieutenant

Ribaud, Jean Private

Richard, A. Private

Richard, J.# Private

Rieffel, Octave Private

Rivereau, E. Private

Robert, Emile Sergeant

Roche, A.# Corporal

Roche, Julian Corporal

Rochon, Adolph* Private

Rock, Sosthens 1st Lieutenant

Roland, Charles Corporal

Romain, A.* Private

Rouzan, Martin not available

Sabatier, Dorsin Private

Sabatier, Paul Private

Sacriste, J.D. Private

Salvador, Gaspard Private

Samuel, Oscar* Private

Sannon, Theophiles Sergeant

Santos, Leonard not available

Sargosse, Arthur not available

Sarrazin, A. Private

Saulet, Zenon Private

Saulney, E. Private

Sauvinet, A.T. Private

Sauvinet, J.T. Corporal

Sauvinet, S Captain

Savary, Henry Private

Scarpentier, Jean not available

Scarpenter, Joseph not available

Seaux, Eugene Private

Seaux, Isidore Private

Segura, A. Private

Sejour, —— Private

Sejour, M.* Private

Senac, Antony Private

Sene, T. Private

Senetmanat, Charles* Captain

Servan, Paul Private

Severain, Francois# Private

Severin, Francois Private

Shelly, Theodule Private

Sherissa, Vincent Private

Smith, Lewis Private

Snaer, Auguste Private

Soude, J.B. Private

Soude, J.S. Private

Spaer, Octave Private

St. Ange, Joseph* Private

Stanislas, Louis Private

Sterk, H. Private

Starmand, Joseph Corporal

St. Cyr, Clement Sergeant

Steel, A. Corporal

St. Herman G. Private

St. Ledger, Gustave not available

St. Louis, H.* Private

St. Manat, C. Captain

Sylvestre, Elysee* Private

Taillet, Laurentine Private

Talma, J. Baptiste Private

Tassin, Joseph Corporal

Taylor, Charles Private

Terence, Clement not available

Ternoir, Leon* not available

Tervalon, A.F. Private

Theodore, Crescent Private

Thevenotte, Simon Private

Thezan, Theodore not available

Thibant, Dominique Private

Thiodore, A. Private

Thiot, Armand Corporal

Thomas, Antoine Private

Thomas, Louis Private

Thomas, Pierre Private

Thomassin, Benjamin Private

Thomatisse, Alexander Private

Thomatisse, Leonice Private

Thompson, Joseph* Corporal

Thompson, Pierre Private

Tomlinson, E.* Private

Toregane, Micheal Private

Toregane, Oscar Private

Torigane, Colastin Private

Torresse, Justave not available

Toussaint, Auguste Private

Toussaint, Auguste* Corporal

Toussaint, Joseph Private

Trepagnier, Francois* Private

Trerigne, R. Private

Turpin, J. Private

Ulysse, Charles Private

Urquhart, C.V. not available

Valentin, Oscar Private

Valery, Oscar Private

Valet, Desir Private

Valmour, —– Private

Vancression, L. Private

Vegue, C. Private

Venture, J Private

Verdon, L 1st Lieutenant

Victor, Arthur Joseph Private

Victor, Nicholas Private

Vidal, F. Private

Vidal, J.F. Private

Vierra, Louis* Private

Vignaud, Etienne not available

Vignaud, Joseph not available

Vincent, Eugene Private

Vivant, Louis, Jr. not available

Voisin, Ferraud Private

Voltair, Jacques Private

Wale, William Private

Warburg, Daniel Private

Washington, J. Baptiste Private

Willard, M.* Private

Willard, Robert* Private

Xavier, Benjamin Sergeant Major

Zamora, John Private

Zegg, E. Private

Zenon, Joseph Private

Zenon, Victor Private

Zino, Nicolas not available

Zuezere, L.P. Private

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