Holt Collier – Mississippi Legend

Holt Collier, Mississippi Legend

For Day 2 of Black History February-Holt Collier, Mississippi legend.

Holt Collier was born into servitude in MS to the Howell Hinds family. At 10 years old, he displayed unparalleled marksman and hunting skills, which of course means he was taught to shoot and handle firearms. Not so surprising if people would put their brains in gear. People did not go to Kroger for meat, they hunted and fished. Holt became a hunting companion of the Hinds family. Mr. Hinds sent him to school with his sons, but Holt didn’t want to be inside a school room, he wanted to be outside. It paid off with marksmanship skills unparalleled among his peers in the state. Holt was known as one of the best bear hunters in 5 counties by the time he was 14. He traveled extensively with the Hinds family all over the US, dressed as a gentleman, and why not? He was one of the Hinds family. Many don’t understand how families operated before Lincoln’s illegal and unconstitutional war, and they don’t want to know.

When the Hinds males went to fight in the Confederate army, Holt was only 14 years old and was told he was too young to go. But he stowed away on a riverboat anyway and joined the Hinds men in training. Holt was not forced to return to MS and remained with them as a teenage soldier and a spy fighting for the Confederacy throughout the war. He was free and chose to fight for the Confederacy.

After the war, Holt took hunting parties around including US President, Teddy Roosevelt. Holt was in demand for good reason. Holt is buried in Greenville, MS.

The truth is right in front of anyone and everyone who WANTS it.

Web Source: Southern Historical Society Facebook Page
Post: February 2, 2018