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9 01, 2011

Truehistory 131

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THE KEY EVENT THAT LED TO UNCONTROLLED FEDERAL GROWTH By Garland Favorito HISTORICAL MYTHS ABOUT AMERICA'S MOST DEVASTATING WAR I.  THE MYTH OF AN AMERICAN "CIVIL" WAR Nearly all Americans have been led to believe that the American states fought a "civil war" over control of the American government although the southern states had succeeded and wanted to separate from the federal government. The War Between the States that occurred between [...]

8 01, 2011

Truehistory 130

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How And Why Abraham Lincoln Started The War Of Northern Aggression To Protect His Own Political Career HOW AND WHY ABRAHAM LINCOLN STARTED THE WAR OF NORTHERN AGGRESSION TO PROTECT HIS OWN POLITICAL CAREER by Frank Conner   The following is a post by Compatriot Elijah Coleman and is for educational purposes only: To justify their claims that our Confederate ancestors were like Nazi concentration-camp guards -- and therefore that all Confederate [...]

28 01, 2009

Truehistory 128

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No Friends Of The Negro Up North From: The black families were not in need of help before the abolition armies descended upon the American South spreading destruction and devastation. Both the mayor and governor below were careful to not allow the emigration of cheap labor into their respective States. But it was Governor John Andrew of Massachusetts and his abolitionists friends who found it better to pay black mercenaries to [...]

14 10, 2008

Truehistory 003

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Tariffs, Not slavery by: Jack McMillan, Ph.D. Contrary to what is now taught, slavery was not the primary issue. Sorry, Julian, Jesse, and victims of public indoctrination everywhere, but here are the inconvenient facts. The American educational system continues perpetuating a myth regarding the War for Southern Independence [often mistakenly called 'The Civil War,' a misnomer.] Teachers using government-mandated, Northern-produced texts inform students the conflict centered solely on slavery, with Abraham Lincoln [...]

16 09, 2008

Truehistory 127

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Northern Care of the Freedmen "The story of the freedmen in wartime is one of gross mismanagement and neglect (on the part of the North). The problem was neither vigilantly foreseen by the government nor dealt with vigorously and promptly by it or by private organizations. The abolitionists who had called so long for emancipation should have foreseen that the mere ending of slavery was far from a solution of the stupendous [...]

8 07, 2008

Truehistory 123

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The Hanging of Mary Surratt Judicial murder and government dirty linen--Part Two by Al Benson Jr. The "trial" of Mary Surratt and the Lincoln conspirators is still something that is debated about. Was it a legal trial or not? Reverdy Johnson, Mrs. Surratt's first attorney, had contended that the military court that tried the conspirators was without proper authority to do so as long as the civil courts were sitting. This is [...]

19 04, 2008

Truehistory 116

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An Inconvenient History-War for Southern Independence-Part 2 by Republicae (Libertarian) Wednesday, April 16, 2008 Slavery was an evil institution in this country, both in the North and the South however, we fail to understand the real issues concerning the War Between the States. My suggestion is that you read: The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government by Jefferson Davis-1881, or War of the Rebellion: Official Government Records of the Union and [...]

19 04, 2008

Truehistory 115

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An Inconvenient History-War for Southern Independence-Part 1 by Republicae (Libertarian) Wednesday, April 16, 2008 "If I have a superstition, sir, which governs my mind and holds it captive, it is a superstitious reverence for the Union. If one can inherit a sentiment, I may be said to have inherited this from my revolutionary father." Jeff Davis I am quite sure that this article may stir the hornets to flight nevertheless; it is [...]

26 02, 2008

Truehistory 106

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Wilmington, Abolition and the Underground Railroad Overview: Most Americans are familiar with the term “underground railroad” and understand it to be the extensive network of planned escape routes with secret stations and coded messages along the way that assisted black slaves in the American South in escaping to freedom and a better life in the North and in Canada. The same is believed about North Carolina regarding slaves longing to escape northward, [...]

23 09, 2007

Truehistory 103

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Black Confederate Participation Introduction~by Tim Westphal As far back as the American Revolution, African Americans have fought in every conflict this country has been engaged in. A number of authors have studied the participation which blacks played for the Union and Confederate governments during the Civil War. Most of these writers have focused on the Union army since it employed a large number of blacks as soldiers during the conflict. "When authors [...]