Your Images

From: Catherine Burr []

Date: Sun, Jan 24, 2016
Subject: Your Images
To: HK Edgerton []

HK —

I just wanted to drop you a note, since I am freely using your image in these memes and posts I am making.

Invariably, when I do so, the result goes viral. This one I just did has gotten aver 1400 shares in 2 hours – and only 200 likes. When people go RIGHT for the SHARE choice, you know you’ve hit the nail on the head – and this is in two hours at Sunday noon, when so many people still aren’t back from church and on the computer! There are 100s more LIKES on the shared photos.

The Hate and Slavery memes are a part of the trilogy in my own mind. I figured these will be simpler for me, to help explain again and again how we have been propagandized and the South scapegoated.

As I was doing these, I was thinking on how you have been 1000 times better able to fight racism and anti-Southern attitudes in your activism. I am sorry that thus far, you have not been more successful reaching your brothers and sisters of color. I know that must weigh upon you, which is one reason I will, when I can, help when you attempt to reach out to protesters at our rallies. You, more than anyone, know what’s being done there.

As I am sure you know, there are many people actively fighting the racism. It is my hope that when I use your image, I honor things that you have actually stated rather than injecting my own views. In the long run, I hope to give people “who look like me” an outlet where they can both love the South and STAY AWAY from those (genuine and not) who are invoking white power. In this way, we can minimize any racially-tainted nonsense that exacerbates the situation. We have a long way back.

In a way, its like conservatives attempting to inform people of the opportunity that exists on our side. Conservatives, like pro-Southerners, are demonized. But where Truth resides, there is freedom & God.

Bless You,
— Catherine “Wailin’ Jenny”


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