Re: An Open Report / Lee-Jackson, Black History Month, Part 1

From: Rashad []
Date: Tue, Feb 23, 2016
Subject: Re: An Open Report / Lee-Jackson, Black History Month, Part 1


There is a deacon in the 7th Day Adventist church here in Minneapolis that is from the State of Georgia who has given me some information about his Confederate ancestor. His last name is
Springer. Here is what he submitted to me:

In March of 1998, the McDaniel-Curtis Camp Sons of the Confederate Veterans restored the Springer Cemetery. In keeping with their charge to protect the memory and resting places of all the
Confederate Veterans resting in Carroll County and following their practices of restoring the complete cemetery even if only one Confederate soldier rests there, the entire cemetery will be restored.
There are four Confederate Soldiers buried in the Springer Cemetery.

S.J. Holloway – Company F, 55th Georgia Volunteer Infantry

William O’Rear – Company G, 63RD Georgia Infantry. (/25/1802-3/9/1888)

Robert H. Springer – Company K, Phillips Legion Cavalry, (4/12/1830-8/14/1887), son of William Green Springer

Richard H. Springer – Company F, 2nd Cavalry, Georgia State guards, who was a slave. Records indicate he was deeded a farm by Robert Springer after the war where he lived out the remainder of
his life. He died in 1920. (8/27/1838-3/4/1920)

Source: Southern Spice, Carroll County Newspaper, March 1998.

Finally H.K., I believe the name Springer is Jewish, bringing me to speculate that the Jews were the slave owners and dealers in Georgia.

Before you call me a bigot, I’m not. I research for the truth about the Black Jews and Indians participating in the Confederacy. I’m not trying to point fingers at anyone.