Re: Black History Month, Part 3

From: Thomas E. Taylor []
Date: Wed, Feb 24, 2016
Subject: Re: Black History Month, Part 3


Hello my Brother,

I spent last night on a round trip to Lafayette to speak for General Mouton’s statue that the perpetually offended people want to move. The night was quite a success with everyone there being
polite and respectful of other’s opinions. This is a stark contrast to New Orleans where anyone white was heckled and shouted down when their turn to speak came up.

I was impressed with a black minister (yes he had his own church, a real minister) who sang Amazing Grace during his time to speak. The guy had a good voice and even though we were on opposite
sides I could respect his opinion because he felt it and spoke of faith and grace.

Just thought that I would give you a report for a change. Keep the skeer on ’em.

Thomas E. Taylor
Commander, Louisiana Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans