Thank You!

From: Breeze Bice []
Date: Sat, Feb 27, 2016
Subject: Thank you!
To: “” []

Mr. Edgerton,

I want to the Thank you for all you do!

I have absolutely enjoyed watching all your videos shared on social media sites and look forward to meeting you in Biloxi on April 23rd.

I live in Hancock County on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and I am an associate member of the SCV, with hopes to get a local chapter for Order of the Confederate Rose.

It frustrates me to no end to have someone stereotype me and call me racist for my support in honoring Confederate Soldiers and supporting our state flag.

I also have ancestors who fought for the Confederacy– 6 to be exact!

I honor each of them along with all the others who laid their lives on the line.

I also honor you, Mr. Edgerton. You make me proud!

See you in Biloxi on April 23rd.

Again, thank you for all you do to spread and share the word about your ancestors and standing up for your beliefs and rights!


Breezy Bice