Stonewall Jackson High School – Manassas, Virginia

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I live in Gainesville Va just outside of Manassas home of the Manassas Battlefield and many Civil War statues and monuments.. I have grown up walking those fields, starring at statue and cannons and reading on all the Generals from the North and the South. Learning about the battle for control of the railroads in Manassas and seeing Henry Hill where the first women in the Civil War was killed ( I do believe). I went to Stonewall Jackson Middle and graduated from Stonewall Jackson High School in 1986. I have burial plot at Stonewall Cemetery and local business have also carried on the name of Stonewall Jackson.. I know a Church in Roanoke Va that has a glass pain in memory of Jackson as he built Sunday school for slaves and helped educate them and taught them how to read and when the church was built by members of this family they chose to honor him for his kindness in educating the family members. I don’t know a ton about Genral Jackson but he seems to me to have wanted the best for everyone and tried to live a godly life and had strong beliefs in god and in education. The reason I am writing you is because after all these years of Stonewall Jackson High having its name ( 40 years) the local NAACP has wrote a letter to our school board almost demanding a name change and comparing Jackson to OJ Simpson and Bill Cosby.. well needless to say our community is now in an uproar and the NAACP is calling us white racist and all kinds of nasty names. Like I said , I grew up in Manassas lived and went to school with black and whites, we all got along we all loved our school and had pride in it .. We all walked those battlefields and had great times.. They have turned this into a white/black thing that was Never there before and it is shameful.. I don’t know if you could write a letter or an email on behalf of Stonewall Jackson to the Naacp to help them understand that he was not the hateful racist they are trying to make him out to be.. any kindness you could show in helping us in this matter would be greatful.. If you are busy with life I understand, I don’t want to intrude.. THANKS FOR READING THIS !!


Ruth Harris


From: HK Edgerton []
Date: Thu, Apr 7, 2016
Subject: Re: Stonewall Jackson High School in Manassas Va
To: Ruth Harris []

Dear Ms. Harris,

Any knowledgeable Southern Black can tell you that the Honorable Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson and his wife were more than just a friend to the African people. They cared for his spiritual welfare,
and opened their home and Church and gave them an introduction to Jesus Christ like no other. And to this day, that influence is still incorporated in the beings of their African ancestors.

However, it is important for you to understand that the NAACP set upon the attack of the Christian Cross of St. Andrew to raise funds for their depleting coffers, and for the new occupation of
our homeland by the sons and daughters of the thieves and murderers who came here under orders of Lincoln to rob, steal, rape and murder innocent old men, women and children. Nothing else.
There is no other reason that we find ourselves as a Black race once again being used as the weapon of choice against our White Southern family.

It makes no difference that the whole world was complicit in the economic institution of slavery, or that the Christian charity of the Southern White people to the African race has no parallel
worldwide. Or that General Jackson and General Lee’s Virginia was working so hard up until the South was illegally invaded to free the African people in honor. The bottom line is that those White
folks who own the NAACP have an agenda of Southern social and cultural genocide that will make it comfortable for them to attain what they left behind. And could care less about the African people
that they have duped as the Honorable General Patrick Ronayne Cleburne so well predicted.

The NAACP and the Southern Poverty Law Center are the foremost hate organizations in America today and try to disguise this fact as if they are friends to the African people. Having me to write
to them is like feeding food to a dead man. I can only try to educate the masses to their treachery. God bless you!

Your brother,

HK Edgerton
Honorary Member
Lt. General Richard Taylor Camp 1308, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Shreveport, LA