Re: Stonewall Jackson High School – Manassas, Virginia

From: valerie []
Date: Thu, Apr 7, 2016
Subject: Re: Stonewall Jackson High School in Manassas Va
To: HK Edgerton []

HK: The elite of this nation and the world hate you, my black brother, as much as they hate me (a white sister) because we both uphold the
name of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the real enemy, and they will destroy anything and everyone to eliminate His name ever being spoken – no
matter what the color of person. I’m so proud of what you do to try and educate both of our races. The ignorance in this country is beyond
shameful, but the winners always get to change (or bury) history – the truth be damned. The poor black, white, brown, yellow, and every other
color of child in this country today does not stand a chance with our public indoctrination system known as schools. They are being taught to
be slaves – slaves of their mind to give up free will and choice. To embrace the chains of abortion, to hate marriage, femininity, chivalry, and to hate
everyone who has a differing opinion – calling it hate, instead. AND there is NO ROOM for Jesus in their young lives. Without Him, there can never be
true peace between people. He broke down the walls between Jew and Greek, male and female. At the foot of Calvary we are all equally needy
of His grace and forgiveness. God bless you for your continued work and for sharing these posts.

Val Widgren