Re: Stonewall Jackson High School – Manassas, Virginia

From: Henry Russ []
Date: Sun, Apr 10, 2016
Subject: Re: Stonewall Jackson High School – Manassas, Virginia
To: Henry Russ []

Ms Ruth Harris,

I have read your call for assistance letter to HK Edgerton concerning your Stonewall Jackson High School in Manassas, Va. and the renaming demands of the NAACP.
Speaking from my experience here in Jacksonville, Florida concerning the NAACP demands to rename our Nathan Bedford Forrest High School back in 2013; The
new name of our historic NBFHS after 55 years is now Westside High School. The problem that you have is with your School Board Members and the Political Correctness
(PC) hysteria currently sweeping away all things Confederate. You can not reason or debate these liberal left, progressive, socialist , communist, aka “Black Lives Matter”
mentality anarchists supported by all news media and academe. The only way to battle the name change is to mobilize the Stonewall Jackson High School Alumni and
other community members. Petitions from the Alumni and community members are recommended. The most important thing is to have more Alumni and community members
speaking at the School Board Meeting than the NAACP. Inviting HK Edgerton as a speaker concerning this matter is recommended and could be the game changer. Of course,
HK has to charge a fee which is negotiable. If, possible please contact your local Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) camp and the United Daughters of the Confederacy
(UDC) and any other southern historical preservation group and ask for their support and participation. I can not stress enough that you must have more speakers at the School
Board Meetings than the NAACP! If, I can answer any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at (904) 910-2654 or email me. Good Luck and God Speed!

Henry Russ
Member: Kirby Smith SCV Camp 1209, Jacksonville, Florida