Photo from Beauvoir

From: Breezy Bice []
Date: Mon, Apr 25, 2016
Subject: Photo from Beauvoir
To: “” []

Mr. Edgerton,

I want to thank you for all that you do!

I have followed your posts, emails, YouTube videos and more.

I was so excited to finally hear you speak in person at Beauvoir. (I have attached the photo I took with you.)

Thank you.

Thank you for everything!

Without people like you, our voices would not be heard, our history would be lost and our children would be brainwashed by the lies and deceit of those who want to change all that we know and all that our ancestors stood for (both good and bad.)

You are truly an honorable hero!


Breezy Bice


Hancock County, MS
Associate Member of the Shieldsboro Rifles Camp 2263