An Open Report & Open Letter / Confederate Memorial Day / Southern Heritage Revival Tour Florida

From: HK Edgerton []
Date: Sun, May 1, 2016
Subject: An Open Report & Open Letter / Confederate Memorial Day / Southern Heritage Revival Tour Florida
To: siegels1 []

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

On Saturday, April 23, 2016, I would deliver the Keynote Speech for Confederate Memorial Day to a very large gathering at the final home place of the Honorable President Jefferson Davis (Beauvoir),
and again at the City Cemetery in Marion, Alabama, as the guest speaker for the General Isham W. Garrot Camp #704, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Memorial Day Service, the very next day.

I know that my mom and dad would be so very proud for this high honor that was given to me by the governing body at Beauvoir and Marion. I know that President Davis, his wife, and adopted slave son,
Jim Limber would be as proud!

The ovation that I received from both venues was beyond description, as I would fight back tears each time. Imagine me, the son of former slaves gathering in so much love. I will not be remiss in my
duty and not thank all those Black babies at Beauvoir and the Black police chief in Marion who were among those who were a part of the ovation that I received.

As you are aware and was an integral part of the Confederate Memorial Day Service and Confederate Memorial Marker Dedication to the Black Confederates at Hillsborough County Confederate Memorial Park,
hosted by the Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Chapter 2640 United Daughters of the Confederacy & the Judah P. Benjamin Camp 2210, Sons of Confederate Veterans, on Saturday, April 30, 2016. Once again I would
have bestowed upon myself the high honor of delivering the Keynote Address. There was no better way for me to began the Florida Southern Cross Revival March. I was so proud of the young Black woman
(Lu Lu) who sang the spiritual; Where you there when they crucified my Lord, and her daughter, friend and son Israel, who would deliver the rose that was placed on the Memorial Wreath in remembrance of
the Honorable General Kirby Smith. And I hope that you thank Channel 9 of Tampa for the excellent coverage they gave in the broadcast of the service.

On Sunday morning, May 1, 2016, the visit that you, your husband and I made to the Black Church, New Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church of Tampa, was so inspirational; from the sermon given by
their Pastor, the Honorable Larry L. Roundtree II, their choir and congregation who showed us so much love and respect, even though Mr. McCalister and I both had don our Confederate neck ties. However,
it is beyond any doubt that the ovation that you received from all the Black ladies of the church for your most beautiful hat set the stage for a most wonderful time, and a most sincere request that we
come back soon.

It was almost hard to believe as we listened to the pastor’s sermon, that one of the church deacons, Les Miller, was amongst the politicians who has led the charge for the eradication of all the
Confederate soldiers monuments and the Southern Cross. He would also later decline to meet with me. I remember the Pastor’s words, “when you speak the truth, don’t expect people to pat you on the back.”

In conclusion, I sat there in the pew thinking that it was men like the Honorable Rev. R.L. Dabney of Prince Edward County, Virginia that help bring the African people to the moment of learning
about Jesus Christ and the message of love he delivered. I shall report on our visit to the home and grave site of Black Confederate soldier Richard Christopher Columbus Quarls, and Oakwood Cemetery
in downtown Tampa in a later report as I continue the Southern Cross Revival March. God bless you!

Your brother,

Honorary Member
Judah P. Benjamin Camp #2210, Sons of Confederate Veterans