Irish Civil War Soldiers

From: Robert Morrow []
Date: Fri, May 13, 2016
Subject: Irish Civil War Soldiers

Dear Mr. Edgerton,

My name is Rob Morrow, I’m an Irishman (and I suppose you could also call me Scots-Irish). I’m from and live in a small rural area in Ireland. My ancestors have lived here for 400 years or more in some cases. Two of my ancestors, James Sheals and Hugh Murphy left this little place in Ireland for America during the Famine to seek a better life. They were my great-great-granduncles. James ended up in Arkansas and was a part of the 18th Arkansas Infantry in the Confederate Army of Tennessee under the great Irish leader Patrick Cleburne. Hugh ended up in Massachusetts and was a part of the 21st Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. I am so very proud of both my ancestors’ sacrifices and I wear on my school blazer a crossed-flag pin of the United States flag and the Confederate Battle Flag. I’d just like to tell of my appreciation and admiration of what you do to preserve the history of the Confederacy, as fowk are trying to have it washed away.

You have support from Ireland Sir.

Go raibh maith agat (Thank you)

I hope you’re keeping well,

Best Regards,

R. Morrow