An Open Letter & Open Report / Memorial Day & The Summation of Florida

From: HK Edgerton []
Date: Fri, Jun 3, 2016
Subject: Fwd: Newspaper Pics
To: siegels1 []

An Open Letter & Open Report / Memorial Day & The Summation of Florida

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

Before I began my summation of Florida, I would like to thank the Buncombe County Commission Chair, the Honorable David Gantt for his recognition of the Confederate soldier and myself at the
Asheville-Buncombe Memorial Day Ceremony Services on May 30, 2016. And I thank the many people in attendance for the unprecedented show of affection and love given to me as I stood donned in the
uniform of the Southern soldier with his Colors posted.

When I first met Governor Scott and his Cabinet, I had great expectations that they would be courageous enough to be just in regards to Confederate Veterans serving on their supposed Veterans
Hall of Fame. However, your State Attorney General, Pam Bondi, threw a major curve when she gave an informal interpretation of Federal Law 425 Section 10, which clearly defines that any person who
served in the Confederate Navy, or Armed Services of the Confederate military, are American Veterans.

Her informal interpretation was that the Confederate soldier was not an American Veteran. In ruling so, she opened the flood gates for any and all political antagonist and unscrupolous individuals
and their organizations to forge forward with their un-lawful attacks upon all things deeemed Confederate (Florida State Seal, Veterans Memorial Park-Tampa, Confederate monuments, and the Congressional
Venerated Confederate Battle Flag, etc.).

The great lie of South Carolina (The Confederate Battle Flag caused a deranged and troubled youth to murder nine people) only served to propel the stench of the witch hunt even more as unwitting
Black folks became the weapon of choice for the new period of reconstruction aimed at breaking the spirit of the Southern people. And to enable those who now come to occupy our homeland with a feeling
of comfort as they practice Southern social, cultural and political genocide, to include the teachings in the Christian Bible.

Never mind that these men of the Confederacy, and arguably women, took their loyalty oaths, and did as the Honorable General Robert E. Lee asked of them; “Go home, be good citizens, and let us
rebuild this nation.” And men like the Honorable Kirby Smith, Edmund Petus, Alexander Darnes and so many others whose deeds and achievements were so great that individual monuments and places would
be built to attest to their life accomplishments before, during and after the War for Southern Independence.

I walked your boardwalks, streets and many public and private places while confabulating with citizens and guests in many of your municipalities; they were so confused at the actions of your
politicians to wage such an unslaught on the Confederate dead, their integrity and the memorials of their efforts. Many, even from the North, voiced an opinion that to carry the lie of South Carolina
that ushered in these actions has to be a major conspiracy equal only to that of the assassination of John Kennedy.

All that we hold dear as a people of the Southland of America is once again on the chopping blocks, to include the adherence to the Constitution and the terms of the surrender of General Lee.

There is nothing to be had for the African people in the 21st century to turn their backs on the Southland of America, or the symbols that they have a major stake in.

I look very much forward to the second leg of this Revival March and the time to spend with the people in the great State of Florida. God bless you!

Your brother,

Recipient of the Mississippi Division Sons of Confederate Veterans John L. Harris Heritage Award 2007-2008