Re: Newspaper Pics

From: Rashad []
Date: Fri, Jun 3, 2016
Subject: Re: Newspaper Pics

These political correct hypocrites would rather adopt homesexuality as inclusion in American society rather than including the Confederacy as a historical fact.

Many black people don’t have a hint that they are being used by these yankees to demonize the southern white folks and southern history.

All they have to do is look at Gone with the Wind or do some serious research. Most of their kids are victims of the yankee media that push homesexuality in the schools and vulgar degrading music
and films. Many blacks have adopted the yankee way of life. They let these yankees come down south and tell them the lies that they want them to accept.

I don’t think America would be in the demoralizing shape that it is in had the South won the war. I bet the woman you are talking about is a homesexual. They are everywhere in government including
the Supreme court and the legislative body. Don’t forget Hollywood. The Hollywood crowd hide behind the constitution in order to pedal their garbage to the American people every day.

The children do not matter to these hypocritical morally corrupt politicians. Here in America now, right is wrong and wrong is right. May God have mercy on the southern people.

The emotional blacks who do no research accept what a few ignorant whites that lived in the Dark ages did to blacks in the south. This includes the likes of Dillinger, who was put up by someone who
hate black folks to go in and shoot up a church. Because he had Confederate flags doesn’t mean that people who hold these symbols as a part of their heritage hate black folks.

The Blacks and whites who continue to hate the south are being used while the foreigners come to America and pass them up and live the American dream, while they are bickering with each other
about southern history.

A house divided is bound to fall.

Kindest Regards,