An Open Report & Open Letter / In The Streets

From: HK Edgerton (
Date: Tue, Jun 28, 2016
Subject: An Open Report & Open Letter / In The Streets
To: siegels1 (

Dear Ms. Lunelle

While I await the tropical storms and the summer heat to subside before I return to Florida for the Survival March, I continue to post the Colors of the Southern soldier, and champion his cause
and that of the Southern populous who faced an army with orders to rape, murder, pillage and break the spirit of the Southern soldier with the assurance from Lincoln that by doing so, there would
never be an accounting for their madness.

I want to share this conversation with you that resonates from so many young Black people who talk with and contact me daily: HK, How are you doing? This is Darious here. I follow your videos on
You Tube. I believe a lot of what you are saying regarding us Southerners. I’m a proud Southerner from Sanford, Florida, by way of Jacksonville, Florida.

I went to Nathan Bedford Forrest High School. Our mascot is the Rebels. If you have ever been to the school, you would have seen a Confederate soldier ridding a horse with the St. Andrew’s
Cross (Rebel Flag). I love my heritage now because of you and how you’ve been getting the message out there about our Black ancestors who fought and died on the Confederate side.

My good friend Tharius Collier, who I talk to every day, ancestor is “Holt Collier”. My grandmother knew Holt Collier. What is your number? I would love to speak to you today

Darious Dante’

Please tell the scalawags of the Tampa Bay News to tell Tharius Collier that his ancestor Holt, is not worthy of memorial because he was a Confederate soldier. And then go down the road and tell
the Honorable Nelson Wimbush that his grandfather, the Honorable Napoleon Nelson’s life, is not worthy of memorial because he was a Confederate soldier. And then tell the scalawags to go up the road
and tell the granddaughter and great grandson of Christopher Columbus Quarls that his life is not worthy of memorial, and whose burial expense was paid in part by the Ku Klux Klan because he was
a Confederate soldier. And please, since they want to demonize the Honorable General Kirby Smith, go up the road to St. Augustine, Florida and then tell Ms. Pamela Earl Jones and her family that
the Honorable Dr. Alexander Darnes is not worthy of memorial, and further that the Sons of St. Augustine sculpture on the grounds of his and that of the General’s childhood home should be removed
because he was a Confederate soldier.

And while they are still in St. Augustine, they may as well go on over to San Lorenzo Cemetery and remove the Confederate Headstones from the graves of Anthony T. Welters, Isaac Papino, and
Emanuel Osborne. And then tell their families that just like the White men who they accompanied in the War for Southern Independence is not worthy of memorial because they fought for their
homeland against a man who had no respect for the Constitution, the teachings of the Christian Bible or the premise of States Rights that bound them together in a compact they continue to break.

Finally, tell the scalawags of the Tampa Bay News that I shall return in September with a message to my Black and White family to turn their backs on the likes of them and the reconstruction
oriented Blacks and unwarranted White folk guilt people who keep them in a cesspool of hate just like those who almost help put asunder the love and respect that Southern Black folks and Southern
White folks forged for each other in lieu of the world wide economic institution of slavery. And, not to be duped again by the enemies of our fathers. We do not need to face reconstruction again.
God bless you!

Your brother,

HK Edgerton

Recipient of the Key to the City of Toccoa, Georgia