Re: An Open Report & Open Letter / In The Streets

Date: Tue, Jun 28, 2016
Subject: Re: An Open Report & Open Letter / In the Streets


Thanks for forwarding this to me. We need to educate people about what really happened back then. The North had the biggest hand in the slave trade. According to them they seem shocked to hear this.
It gets totally blamed on the South, which is a lie. The North collected most of the money that was gained through slavery. Like you said, they don”t want us to know everything. The people of the
South, Black and White and Native American, could ask for restitution. That’s probably what they are afraid of. The people of the south are God fearing people who know the scripture and try to fulfill
the scripture. It speaks against same sex marriage and such. Yet the majority of people in North Carolina voted for the Amendment, we are over ruled and the Supreme Court has legalized same sex
marriage. Well I don”t know what has happened but this country was founded on religious standards and now for this, the be legal here is a shame. The Reverend Billy Graham said the bible is clear:
it defines marriage between a man and a women. So they have violated the word of God.

They will have to answer for that, we won’t have to. I will not attend any church that is going to condone same sex marriage.

I could go on and on but it’s nice to vent a little and have a friend like you, Mr HK, that I can share these feelings with. God bless you in all your efferts in defending the South. Like you said
our side has not been told. So many lies have been told on us.

Take care and please forward things to me. I look forward to reading anything you send.


Melody H. Dixon