An Open Letter & Open Report / Shame / Conversations With The Babies

From: HK Edgerton (
Date: Thu, Aug 11, 2016
Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report / Shame / Conversations With The Babies
To: siegels1 (

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

After the courageous Ms. Emily McDonald led a fight successfully to keep the name of the Honorable General Nathan Bedford Forrest on Forrest Hall at East Tennessee State University almost a
decade ago, the Board of Regents climbed into bed with the shame that Nikki Haley has gendered in cross the South by voting to remove the General’s name.

One needs to be reminded that as Grant was burning 42 cities in the great State of Mississippi, his men carrying out their orders to rape, murder, and plunder, General Forrest, along with the
forty plus Black Confederates under his command, was saving the great State of Tennessee from the same.

Grant’s reward is to have his Presidential Library placed on the campus of Mississippi State University. General Forrest’s reward is to have his grave stone removed, and now the removal of his
name from Forrest Hall.

As I made my way on Tuesday morning, August 8, 2016 with the Southern Cross in hand, I would be stopped by several young people, who not only expressed their thanks for my efforts to showcase the
true meaning of the Southern Cross and the cause of those who served under it, but also asked of me what did I think of Michael Jordan donating one million dollars to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund,
and who was I going to vote for in the Presidential race?

I told them that I could understand Mr. Jordan’s overtures, because I think that he truly believed he was following the advice of Mr. Donald Sterling to help his Black community. However, I think
for that purpose his money could have been spent in a better venue, because the NAACP has become nothing more than an organization headed up by self serving poverty pimps spreading hate and
tainted propaganda that does no good for anyone but themselves.

I reminded them that a White man who was an NAACP Chapter President during the time that a White woman was chided for pretending to be Black and serving as a Chapter President remarked that she
had hurt the organizations image, because the primary goal of the NAACP was to raise money. Dylan Roof succeeded in stopping that dialogue.

Ask that question of the many card holders who have gone to them for help, and they will tell you just as the men of the Black Historic District on Peachtree Street in Atlanta told me during the
so called Million Children March, “the NAACP has done anything to help us, showboating to increase their coffers, and very little substance to help the people they claim to serve.” Mr. Jordan could
have donated the money to the Sons of Confederate Veterans Legal Defense Fund and helped the Southern people of all colors.

In regards to who I would vote for President, I told them that when I was a small child, I heard my father preach a sermon about a Jewish man who entered a Temple, and kicked over the table of
the Money Changers. I would vote for such a person who reminds me of that man.

I would hug them all, and continue on my way while listening to the sounds of the car horns blowing, the rebel yell, and the calling out of my name. God bless the Barber family, and the most
sincere condolences to the Honorable Dewey Barber, owner of Dixie Outfitters, whose mother passed away this week. And God bless you!

Your brother,


Recipient of the Sons of Confederate Veterans H.L. Hunley Award