An Open Letter & Open Report / Confederate Cleansing

From: HK Edgerton (
Date: Mon, Aug 22, 2016
Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report / Confederate Cleansing
To: siegels1 (

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

Fox News and other media would report of what they deemed Confederate Cleansing; because of the actions of the governing body at the University of Mississippi decision to ban the playing of Dixie
at their football games, a tradition since 1948. Proclaiming they did so to make it more inclusive. Essentially blaming it on the Black folks; a reconstruction tactic, knowing full well that Southern
Black folks have always been inclusive in the playing and singing of Dixie.

Duped again will be all Southerners, and decent Northerners who succumb to accepting this explanation that will lay the blame on loyal Southern Blacks for what these same type of White Southern
scalawags and Northerners who love their boats, pensions, front seat tickets at sporting and other school events, kickbacks awarded in financial venues, and not to forget the trinkets for the same
type of boot blacks of 1865-1877 who put their X on the dotted line.

Thus, the truth; fulfilling one of the Northern Jewish owned organizations, so called the NAACP, promise in 1989 that their coffers would be replenished for doing what no Northern White man
could because he tired of sending his children to schools of the South and them having to listen to those bands playing Dixie, and that he tired of sending his corporate workers South having to look
at that Rebel flag, mount the attack on Southern symbols, cultural and social mores and have the Black folks of the South unknowingly do their bidding, and take the blame with no reward but hate and
love for each other pushed asunder once again.

I just hope that somebody sends me a ticket to a football game, and a tank of gas to make it to Oxford so that I will make the Honorable Anthony Hervy, a Black man that lost his life after
distinguishing himself fighting for the Southern Cross and the honor of those babies of the Mississippi Greys who left the classrooms of Ole Miss. to protect the old men, women and children
of Mississippi from the murderous onslaught of Grant, where I shall sing Dixie until I’m too hoarse to sing anymore, and shall begin whistling it, humming it until the night is done. God bless you!

Your brother,


Co-Founder of the Black Student Center at the University of Minnesota