Hickory Record Article Dated August 15, 2016

From: (dadallielama@aol.com)
Date: Aug 23, 2016
Subject: Hickory Record article dated August 15, 2016
To: (siegels1@mindspring.com), (hk.edgerton@gmail.com)

Hi, HK & Lunelle!

I found the website of the Hickory Record article below, posted by Kevin Griffin on Aug. 15 after the Soldiers Reunion Day in Newton. SCV member in NC had posted the link. I was looking for a
photo of HK at the event & Griffin took the photo in the courthouse of HK waving the Battle Flag, so I downloaded it for future use if needed for Defending the Heritage posts featuring HK. I had
already posted HK’s open letter/report on DTH about the Newton event & HK reporting from the 1874 Memphis newspaper article – Significant Movement of Colored Societies – Old Party Ties Repudiated – .
Now it appears Griffin is backpedaling from his Aug. 15 article with his Aug. 19 article with quotes from Levin & McComb to pacify the NAACP. That 1874 Mphs. newspaper article made a whole lot of
NAACP’ers squirm in their seats, obviously. Betting Griffin’s assignment editor made him write the Aug. 19 article because the Newton event & HK’s speech irritated the haters. Griffin doesn’t know
Levin like we all know Levin. Great work as usual, HK!!!

Posted HK’s open letter/report about “Dixie” banned at OM on Defending the Heritage. It’s getting many shares to Mississippi heritage & flag support sites where they are looking to find an
available game ticket to one of the home football games to get HK to the campus.

Becky Muska