An Open Letter & Open Report / Jerry Brown Interstate Commerce / Congress / Reconstruction

From: HK Edgerton (
Date: Fri, Aug 26, 2016
Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report / Jerry Brown Interstate Commerce / Congress / Reconstruction
To: siegels1 (

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

When the Governor of a State (Jerry Brown of California) in this so called Union can ban the sale of a Congressional venerated symbol, the Confederate Flag, with no repercussions from Congress or
any of the lawmakers that regulate interstate commerce, we as a nation are in trouble in this so called democracy with our Constitutional laws.

When the media can designate an organization so called the NAACP as the voice of a race of people, and then begin to orchestrate social and cultural genocide at their beckoning,; as a nation, we
are in trouble.

Confederate cleansing is an outright act of war upon the people of the South. And to use as an excuse to do so somehow includes a race of people into the mainstream of American life in our
institutions of higher learning is an outright lie, because it has effectively done just the opposite.

To take away the place of honor that the African people earned in the service of the Southern Confederacy is an act so deemed necessary by the haters of the South during the first period of
so called reconstruction by haters like Thaddeus Stephens. And now to somehow clear their traitorous conscious, White folk guilt thinking leaders who run institutions like the University of
Texas, University of Mississippi, Vanderbilt, and not to forget Mississippi State, who completes the epitome of this sacrilege by bringing the Presidential Library of the greatest war criminal in
the War For Southern Independence who burned over 42 cities in Mississippi, Ulysses S. Grant, adopt the buzz words inclusion.

I ask of them, why don’t you take the lead from decent institutions like Angle Valley College of Virginia, Furman University of South Carolina, and Wright State University of Ohio in inviting
in Black folks like the Honorable Teresa Roane, Nelson Windbush, Stanley Lott, Stanley Armstrong, Terry Lee Edgerton, or even myself who tell a different tale than that by the so called historians
who have climbed into bed with the so called victor of the War for Southern Independence that excludes the exploits of the African people of the South who loyally stood by and with a man that he
not only called Master, but also family and friend in lieu of all the things that was, have and continue to be done to divide and separate them. If you truly seek inclusion, accept this challenge,
and give back the badge of honor that you who hate the South try to push asunder. God bless you!

Your brother,


Past Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sabathani Community Center
(A United Way Social Service Agency, Minneapolis, Minnesota)