God Bless You

From: “Gartside Robert” (Robert.Gartside@gemalto.com)
Date: Sep 30, 2016
Subject: God Bless You
To: “hk.edgerton@gmail.com” (hk.edgerton@gmail.com)
Cc: “mail@southernheritage411.com” (mail@southernheritage411.com)

Hello Mr. Edgerton,

I’ve been listening to your speeches on Southern Heritage and I’d like to thank you for taking a stand & standing up for the truth. It’s a shame you can’t go into the public high schools and speak.
I’m so tired of black people & white people who can’t get along. The media tries to fuel this hate so they have something to write about. There have been more white people killed by police than
black people but they seem to only report on the black people dying so they can keep the resentment & hatred going. There was a 95 year old WW2 veteran with dementia and he was in a nursing
home. He threatened to hit a nurse with his cane if she came near him. They called the police. When the police arrived they maced him and shot him with a bean bag gun. It killed him; why wasn’t that
on the major news networks?

God Bless & keep up the good work!

Rob Gartside
Maryland, USA