National History Day Interview Answers

On Oct 1, 2016, HK Edgerton ( wrote:

1. First of all this is a bigoted statement leading to a question. My color had nothing to do with the meaning of the Southern Cross. I am a loyal Black Southerner just like those of the past
who, alongside their White family, be they freed or indentured, stood against a man who illegally invaded their homeland. The Confederate flag, be it the 1st National, Second National, Third National,
Flags of the Southern Government, denote that I am Southern. The Battle flag denotes the flag of the Southern soldier who fought in combat against this illegal invasion of our homeland.

2. Conflict is defined as active opposition or hostility. Every day I face conflict. However, I face more love and respect for making a Stand to celebrate the heroism, the courage, and the
sacrifice of all our kin in a cause which they believed in their hearts to be right, and for which they were willing to lay down their lives and property, but never their honor.

3. Discrimination is defined as to make a distinction in favor of, or against, one person or thing as compared with others. The greatest discrimination for me is the content discrimination in not
only the body politic, but most importantly in the American jurisprudence system when the Stars and Stripes is somehow purported to be a champion for the Black race, and somehow the Southern Cross
is and was not. Pure poppycock.

4. Because war has been declared upon my homeland again and, as in the past, we face Southern social and cultural genocide, to include an attack on the teachings in the Christian Bible, and
Jesus Christ, a staple in our Southern society.

5. First of all, knowledgeable Southerners would prefer the term War for Southern Independence, War Between the States, or War of Northern Aggression. And secondly, I speak for and claim as
my ancestors the two and one half million Southern Bondsmen, Bondswomen, Freedmen, and Freed women who, from 1861 to 1865, loyally served and supported the Confederate Cause, in however humble
and noble capacity, whether they hailed from or not the Edgerton Klan of the Honorable Dr. T.R. Edgerton family of Rutherfordton County, North Carolina. T.R. being a Confederate Surgeon Captain.

6. Sacrilege, poppycock, and hypocrisy is the order of the day. And if the economic institution of slavery is the issue, then the entire civilized world better get started eradicating their
monuments and historical figures. And America can start at the Capitol Mall with the bigot Lincoln, President George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, the National Anthem and its author, Francis Scott
Key, the war criminal Grant who entered the White House in 1869 still owning slaves and, when asked by the press when he was going to set them free, he replied good help is hard to find. I could go
on here for days.

7. The only question that I have begins with the memory of my mom telling me after I had walked some 1,600.1 miles don in the uniform of the Southern Soldier carrying the Southern Cross on
the Historic March Across Dixie, “Son, you have not done enough.” What more can I do?

8. Leave us alone in the Southland of America, and we can show America and the entire world how to have excellent race relations.

9. Go to my website,; there are plenty of stories there, or have some publisher provide me with the funds they
frequently give to other writers, and I’ll write a story that maybe the producers of the History might not be afraid to read or produce.

10. The former Chaplin In Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Honorable Father Alister Anderson, told me to walk with the Jesus Christ that the Christian White folks of the South
introduced to my African ancestors while always with the 23rd Psalm on my mind, and I do!

When I don a shirt from the foremost Southern apparel company, Dixie Outfitters, with my picture on the apparel proclaiming me to be a Modern Day Southern Heritage Hero and, furthermore, that
there is no greater modern day Southern Heritage hero, and I hold the keys to cities in both Georgia and Texas, and hold enough medals and awards to fill a room in the new African American Museum
in Washington, D.C.; it don’t get any better than that!


From: “Reid Arani” (
Date: Oct 2, 2016
Subject: National History Day Interview Answers
To: “HK Edgerton” (

Dear HK,

I very greatly appreciate your time! Your answers are so inspiring and I agree with every answer! My mom and her sister were born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. When they see that monuments they
grew up seeing are being destroyed, they feel strongly against it. They view the Confederate flag and the southern states as nothing but heritage, as do you. Once again, I am grateful to hear
your insight, and I know will be a great project, with your responses as huge help! Hope you have a great day!

Reid Arani