Your Note To H.K. Edgerton

On Oct 2, 2016, ( wrote:

Dear Reid,

As you now know, I am a frend of H.K. Edgerton and have been for many years. I tried writing you right after you first contacted him for his opinions regarding the Confederate Flag, giving
at considerable length information the average person doesn’t know about flags of the Confederate States of America. But that message seems not to have reached you. I therefore sent you another,
shorter, note asking for you to describe what you believe to be the Confederate flag. I did this on the assumption that you were one of the many who wouldn’t recognize the “Stars and Bars” if they
were to see it. Perhaps I was wrong in that assumption.

I said that I was blind, and that’s true. But it’s something that’s been in progress since I was very young. I’m now over 85, and the blindness has become virtually total only in the past five
or so years.

You may pardon me for having assumed that you were antagonistic toward Mr. Edgerton, for ignorance of what he stands for is unfortunately rather commonplace throughout our society nowadays.

Now, if you’re indeed interested in the information I tried to send you earlier, please let me know, and I’ll get it off to you.

Respectfully yours,

Kenneth Bachand
Brigadier General, South Carolina Volunteers, CSA


HK Edgerton (
Date: Mon, Oct 3, 2016
Subject: Your note to H.K. Edgerton
To: kbachand (

Dear Sir,

This young lady is an eight grade student, and her questions were addressed to me, and did not warrant your writing to her. I shared the questions and my reply. Please address any questions that
you might have about this event to me. She is under age, and her family does not want her addressing folks on the internet that she does not know. You should have addressed me in the first place and
not her. I do not believe that I needed any help from anyone to answer the questions she asked of me. You are totally off base anyway. Please decease with your questions to her. HK