An Open Letter & Open Report / Gold Rush Days

From: HK Edgerton
Date: Sat, Oct 22, 2016
Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report / Gold Rush Days
To: siegels1

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

Dahlonega, Georgia is the site of the largest gold producing area in North America. The Union army would seize the Mint in Dahlonega during the War for Southern Independence. However, this was not
enough to satisfy their greed. On a Sunday morning, they would fix bayonets, enter the local church, strip search the parishioners looking for gold, hold them hostage while ransacking their homes,
again looking for gold, or anything they deemed of value.

On Saturday morning, October 15, 2016, alongside the Officers of Camp 1860 Blue Ridge Rifles, Sons of Confederate Veterans, in an annual event in Dahlonega deemed Gold Rush Days, don in the
uniform of the Southern soldier, we would man the SCV booth, hold conversation and pose for pictures with the many spectators and vendors who visited and bought the Camp wares.

I would be given the high honor to lead the Confederate contingent in the parade which now included members of the Cummings, Georgia Camp of the SCV, and several ladies in period attire.

The love affair that had been mounting all day between the spectators and the Confederate contingent only reached a higher plateau as we were cheered robustly as we made our way along the parade route.

Ironically, the Chamber of Commerce had denied the Confederate soldiers from firing volleys from their rifles in an earlier event that they sponsored (Veterans Day Parade), citing that the
people, especially the children and animals, became afraid at the sound, a tradition since the inception of the event. However, on this day with a different sponsor, the crowds were screaming, “Fire
the guns!” And the men did, to the shouts and cheers of all!

I almost felt sorry for those who drove the Clinton for President car, as it received nothing but boos all along the parade route, while the Trump car would be cheered.

The love that the Confederates received from the spectators was captured on social media and drew the attention of a State Senator, who would later visit the Sons booth on Sunday afternoon. I
told the Senator that out of the 2-3 hundred thousand spectators, I had hugged all the ladies but five, all the men but ten, and probably all the babies. He would extend an open invitation for all
to visit him any time at the Capitol.

Sunday would hold much the same as Saturday had. We posed for pictures and accepted all the accolades from the many who continued to visit our booth. I can only hope that I get invited again!

I now await the necessary funding that will see my return for the second leg of the Florida Southern Cross Revival March. God bless you!

Your brother,

Honorary Life Member of the North Carolina & Tennessee Order of the Confederate Rose