Black Confederate Proud To Be An “Uncle Tom”


Today, October 27, 2016, as I made my way up Highway 9 towards the Continental Divide, carrying the Southern Cross, a car driven by a young White man with a young
Black man in the passenger front seat would pull alongside me, and the young Black man would shout out, “Uncle Tom,” and speed away.

I thought to myself, another example of an individual who knows nothing about history, only the programmed hate that has been inculcated into his thinking process
by Northern propaganda to attack any Black who shows love to Southern Whites as the majority of the Africans did before the 12 year period of so called Reconstruction of
the South.

What I learned in my annual journey to study at the Johnson Estate Library in Marion, Alabama is that I should hold my head high when called Uncle Tom. A female
slave decided to run by herself to escape an abusive slave Master; she needed a lot of help. And a lot of help she did get from the trusted slave, Uncle Tom. Thanks
buddy for the high honor for deeming me Uncle Tom. I wished that they had stopped and held a conversation about me and the good Uncle Tom.

Well, well, I thought as they made a U-turn, and came back with their supposed insults. “Nigger, how much money they paying you to carry that flag,” the young Black
man asked? Hell, I bet old Jimbo down there pan handling in his peery pants gets more than he does, as they both laughed, and balled up a dollar bill and threw it at me.

I bent down, picked it up, unfolded it, put it in my pocket as they both looked dumb founded and thanked them, and asked God to bless them for leaving me some
badly needed funds in the battle for the Southern cause.

What an irony, I thought; out of all the pictures I would be asked to pose for, all the hugs I would give, the waves I would return, the praise I would receive, and
only my two detractors on this day would leave a donation that would help me to fight another day for my homeland, the Southland of America. God bless you!

Your Brother
H. K. Edgerton

Life Member

Hiram Parks Bell Camp

Sons of Confederate Veterans